5 Blue’s National Space Centre Visit!

Year 5 are learning about the 1960’s in History this half term, and have examined the infamous moon landings of 1969. As part of this, a very special visit was planned, and today, 5 Blue visited the National Space Centre in Leicester! We had the most astronomical time!

29 thoughts on “5 Blue’s National Space Centre Visit!

  1. I enjoyed the trip. I learnt that astronauts have to exercise 2 and a half hours a day in space just to make sure they don’t get used to space.

  2. This day was so fun I loved it thank you all for this. My fav Rio Ute part of the day was the big white building shaped as a rocket it was so fun and had loads of things to explore.

  3. I have learnt that astronauts have to exercise for 2 hours to be safe and not get sick .
    There is no gravity in space so if u spill some water it will float

  4. I have learnt that rovers were set to Mars to try and discover if life is viable on Mars and that it takes nearly a whole year to get to Mars from Earth.

  5. 1. Solar eclipse happen when the moon blocks the sun for a few seconds or minutes.
    2. The art is pop art.
    3. Astronauts need to be fit because they need to survive the low gravity. They need at least 2.5 hours of training.
    4. I learned that meteorites can be very small to see but do less damage than bigger ones that can be easier to dodge but when hit does massive damage so they train for a long time.

  6. I have leant that …
    Mercury is hot but not to hot for ice
    Venus does not have any moons
    Mars has a thicker atmosphere and
    Uranus is more stormy than it is 🌑

  7. A Lunar Eclipse is when the Earth is blocking out the Sun while the Moon is orbiting the Earth
    A Solar Eclipse is when the Moon blocks out the Sun for a few minutes while orbiting the Earth .
    The art is called Pop Art .
    I’ve learned that space suits are very important not only for air but for the heat , coldness and meteors of all shapes and sizes.

  8. One fact I have learnt during the trip was when astronauts sleep they had their bunks or sleeping bags tethered to the wall so they do not run of.

  9. I’ve learned that astronauts have to do 2 hours and a half of exercise.
    Lots of people wanna see Venus in person. They had to eat food not that much and you have to eat a persific thing. Tim Peak was the first NsA astronaut. I hade fun on the trip.

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