5 Blue’s Science Week

This week has been Science Week and Year 5 focused on sound. They took part in a variety of experiments to find out how sound travels and how noise is created by different objects.

Here’s how they got on:

Well done Five Blue, your dedication, hard work and enthusiasm has been exceptional.

What did you learn this week? What was your favourite part of the week? I hope you enjoyed it as much as we did!

Miss Starkey and Ms Janjua 💫


  1. I learnt that sound is created from vibrations for example if you pluck a string the air particles around it vibrate.My favourite experiment was when we put a hex nut in side a balloon because it was very funny and it sounded like it was screaming.

    Thank you for the VERY EXCITING Science week 👍🏻

  2. I learnt that sound is created by vibrations.My favourite part of the week is when we went into the pool and testing if sound travels to water because it was very fun and exciting.Science week was really fun.

  3. I learnt that sound can be travelled under water but not as much as in air. This matters because of the air particles which vibrate so it amplifies sound. My favourite part is when we went at the swimming pool

  4. I learnt that Sound is energy that is made by vibrations.
    If the human ear is within the range of the vibrations, a sound can be heard and after it is gone to your ear it goes to your brain and usually it would said “I HEARD A NOISE!”

  5. I learned that it was hard speaking under water because there are less particles under water.My favourite part was when we made the headphones.

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