5 Blue’s Space Centre Fun 🌏☄️✨

Today, 5 Blue had an AMAZING day when they went to the Space Centre in Leicester. 

There was lots and lots of fun games and rooms to explore and learn about Space.

Did you enjoy today ? What was your favourite part? 

Bonus points to anyone who can tell me one thing they learned from our trip today.

Well done again 5 Blue, this has been one of our best days so far! Let’s keep it up and have another fantastic day tomorrow! 

Miss Starkey 🌟

29 thoughts on “5 Blue’s Space Centre Fun 🌏☄️✨

  1. I loved going to the space center. My favourite part was when we saw the rocket inside when we entered. I learned that when the world started it was called Big Bang.

  2. 1.Yes I did enjoy the day and my favourite part was getting to the top of the rocket.
    2.I learnt about that the earth was created by a Big Bang.

  3. I enjoyed learning about space and going up the long stairs which took forever.
    My favourite part was when we went to watch We are Stars because it was fun and interesting.
    I learnt that there is a 100 million stars in the world and earth was created by a big bang

  4. It was a really super experienced fun trip and it was fantastic because the part were it had a moon with the real piece that was just amazing and it learnt me everything that I needed to know!

  5. 1)I enjoyed going in the trip , my favourite part of the trip was going to the planetarium.

    2)a fact is the little parts of dust and the atom created the inner core of the earth which made this planet

  6. I enjoyed it at the space center because I really enjoyed myself.My favoirte part of
    the trip was when we went in the lift because it when 100m tall,also I liked the
    sinamer when we looked at all the space things in space which is so fun.

  7. 1.I really enjoyed the day ,my favourite part was the ,
    ‘We are stars’ show.
    2.I have learnt that ;
    *How sodium,carbon,iron,helium,molecules,neutrons,oxygen and nitrogen is made.

  8. I had a great day it was so fun and one of my favourite things was when we went inside of the space center and saw two models of rockets 🚀

  9. I enjoyed the trip to the space centre.My favourite part was the space chair because it was really fun and challenging.I learnt that the world started with an event called the Big Bang.

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