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Summer 2 Home Learning Gallery

5 Blue, Welcome back to Summer 2. I hope you have all had a wonderful break and have spent some quality time with your family. It has been great to see a lot of your emailing your work this week. I will update this gallery each week for summer 2 so please continue to email your work to:-


Well done Ryan and Velin for sending in your work this week.


Well dome Musa, Ryan, Oliwier and Velin with your art/designing and Topic work.

Great Maths work from Hannah, Ryan, Velin and Lakeysha.

Well done Lakeysha and Velin with your Literacy work. Very neatly presented.


Some great Art and Topic work from Ryan, Musa, Scarlett and David.

Fantastic handwriting, Literacy and Maths work from Ahmed. Keep it up!

Great effort from Hannah, Velin, Oliwier and Zubeyr in all subjects Maths, Literacy, Science and Topic. Your all doing a great job and preserving each week with your work.

Super effort from Jawariyah with her Literacy, Maths/GD challenges and Topic work. Keep on gaining!


Well done to Ahmed, Oliwier and Reyyan with their Maths work and GD challenges. Keep it up boys!

Hannah, your doing a great job with your Literacy and Maths work. Keep it up!

Velin, always a pleasure to see how fantastic you are doing in Maths and English.


Some great Maths work from Adam, Ahmed and Zubeyr.

Hannah, so proud of your Literacy and Maths work. Keep it up!

Well done Lakeysha with your writing and reading comprehenison.

Fantastic presentation Mujammil and Oliwier!

Great effort from Velin with his Literacy, Maths and Topic work.

Well done Ryan with your Maths and great Art work!


Some fantastic effort from Year 5 children on their Topic/Art work you have been doing at school. Well done to Damanpreet, Reyyan, Sahar and Velin with your Ancient Greek Posters.

Ryan’s great Topic video – facts about Ancient Greece. Well done

Well done Ahmed, Hayyan, Laiba and Zubeyr with your Maths and Literacy work. Great effort, Keep it up!

Hannah working extremely hard in Maths, Literacy and Topic. Well done.

Fantastic effort Mujammil, Oliwier, Velin and Ryan with your Maths work. Clear and easy to understand.


    Over the half term week, Ryan has been practising his handwriting, building his maths skills and has been spending some time with his siblings out in the sunshine with his paddling pool. Well done Ryan!



    This week, you have all had the opportunity to design, create and test a garden game, which should be playable according to social distancing rules. Many of you have shown great growth mindset, resilience and positive and open mind. Me and Mr Janjua are very proud of the time and effort you have put into your work. Below is a showcase of your learning for this week:-


    Well presented Hannah!



    Great job Lakeysha!



    Fantastic effort Mujammil with your planning and making the game.



    Musa, beautifully presented and clear rules.



    Great thinking and having fun playing the game Oliwier.


    Salman playing his game with his brother and well done Damanpreet for making your game.


    Velin, fantastic effort with your planning, research, making and playing the game.

    Well done Ahmed, a good effort with your Spanish work, making and planning your game.


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    1. I am really missing year 5, this is the last day and I’m really worried for y6😓😓😓😓 and I am really missing my class a LOT also I just want to say THANK YOU! to everyone for supporting me especially to Mr Janjua and Mrs Khan for supporting me from the start to end of year 5, you have helped me gain SOO much progress in year five, it’s sad half of it is gone because of this pandemic 😓 but I am still really happy with my experience in year five, gaining lots of knowledge and being more confident especially because I only have 1 year left until I have to leave Broad Heath which is not a lot of time… but I hope I will get through year 6 and gain even more knowledge and aiming to get greater depth to as many subjects as I can and also being more confident in year 6, those are the things I would want to achieve in the future. I am really sad I have to leave year 5 but wish me luck for year 6!

      • Aw that is a lovely comment Mujammil! You have made fantastic progress and because you have been working hard over this period, I have no doubt you will excel even further in year 6! Have a lovely summer holiday, rest and relax and see you in September! It has been a pleasure to teach you :) Also, I will be around next year and I am only next door, so if you need anything, come and see me!

      • Mujammil, it has been a great pleasure teaching you. You have been an amazing role model for the class and I have full faith you will be excellent in year 6. I wish you all the best. Take care and have a great summer.

      • Rehan, I will miss the class too. You have all been amazing. However do not forget I am only upstairs and you can see me anytime you want. Take care.

    2. Well done everyone for all this fantastic work , hope everyone is well , I am still really missing y 5 especially since it’s nearly the end 😭, but I’m staying strong.

      • Keep staying strong and positive! Hopefully we can all be back to school soon! A really nice comment. Also thank you to you for all the great work you have been doing too. It’s been a joy to see!

      • Thats very kind of you Rehan! I want to see some of your work on this blog too! So please send it into the email when you get a chance! Look after yourself :)