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5 Blue’s Victorian Toy Workshop!

In Spring term, year 5 have been looking at the Victorians, through their detective Sherlock Holmes stories, Topic Work and Design and Technology Victorian toys. Today, 5 Blue had the fantastic “Toys In School” company come in and help them make their own Victorian toys! Many thanks to both Catherine and Don, who put on a fantastic and fun workshop, filled with lots of Historical and Scientific knowledge. See the workshop movie below.

5B, what forces occur when you play with your toy?

What was your favourite part of the workshop?

Can you name one new thing you have learnt?

7 thoughts on “5 Blue’s Victorian Toy Workshop!

  1. 1)The forces that I used with my toy are gravity because you had to pull this string and the tigers head will go up and then come back down and pull because you had to pull the string to make the tigers head and tail move .

    2) My favourite part of the workshop was when we got to colour in our toys, make them and play with them.

    3) One new thing I have learnt was when you make a wooden toy you have to take wood of the tree then smooth it.

  2. This was my favourite project so far because I want to become a inventor once I’m older .it was amazing also because when Ebraheem made his monkey on the stick I could not believe it worked also I made a cup in a ball.

  3. What a great workshop. I learnt so much and was so fascinated with the toys. 5 Blue you worked extremely hard especially Ahmed with his builders hat on. Well done and have fun playing with your toys.

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