5 Red Celebration Blog

Well done to all of you who have completed work for us and sent it in via the y5upload@broadheath.coventry.sch.uk email address. If you want your work to be showcased next week, then send us an email, make sure you put your name and class in the subject to help us identify your work.

Bloggers of the week: Youssif who has completed every single piece of work.
Lexi, who has been resilient, tried her hardest and been kind to her neighbours.
Braydon: for his street art work and for commenting on every single blog.
Aamir: who has been working hard every single day.
Saskia: Who has completed nearly every blog and has been working super hard.
Armaan for working hard with his little brother and family over Easter break.
Rayyan who has been working hard on his maths work.

Me and Mrs Sharma are very proud of you all.

You can see some of the work children have been sending us below.

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