5 Red explore mindfulness and a growth mindset!

Today 5 Red have been exploring the ideas of what mindfulness is and what makes a growth mindset. The children found out about paralympians and thought about why they show a particularly strong growth mind set.

We had some challenges like to make an origami penguin without any instructions. Afterwards the children were told this was to see who tried and problem solved and who gave up before trying. The children then produced videos to give advice on growth mindset.


Research a famous paralympian and explain how they have shown growth mindset.

Remember: the first rule to having a growth mindset is to TRY!!!

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  1. Natalie
    Natalie is a polish table tennis player she is famous she has shown growth mindset because she has never gave up she kept on trying she never laughed at no one when she was at school she only had one arm and a half arm.Now she is famous because she never gave up because she kept on trying.

  2. I chose Jacob Jacobsen who is a Swedish paralimpiyian who does shooting .he has won many gold medals silver and bronze. He was paralysed from waist and down.he won 16 gold medals in 2008 17 silver medals and 9 nine bronze medals for Sweden .between 1980 and 2012 he won 17 gold medals

  3. Natalia , who was a born athlete without a right hand . Also worlds youngest Paralympic to step on the pitch. This shows resilience within her Paralympic career. Her mind has developed and adapted to her self belief in her self and has used failure as a stepping stone.The key reason she is here because of trying her best no matter the situation.

  4. Ellie Simmonds

    She has a growth mindset because even though she has a disease ,she has always tried and never given up.Also she had believed in her self and always tried her best.She didn’t give up and conceded by winning two gold medal.

  5. Challenge:
    Carys Davina Grey-Thompson, Baroness Grey-Thompson, DBE, DL, known as Tanni Grey-Thompson, is a British politician, television presenter and former wheelchair racer. She has also been the Chancellor of Northumbria University since July 2015. Grey-Thompson was born with spina bifida and is a wheelchair user. She is one of the most successful disabled athletes in the UK.Tannin Grey Thompson has a disability which means it’s hard for her to do things.However other people who have disabilitys don’t do much.The reason why spshe can do this is because she try’s her best to do what she can.She is a very brave,hard worker.This means that if she does things like this she has a growth mindset.

  6. I have chosen Tanni Grey-Thompson, who played athletics for Britain, as my Paralympic.She was born with a medical condition that stopped her from walking and running. Being in a wheelchair did not stop Tanni becoming a champion in athletics though. This shows she has a growth mindset because at first, she might have thought she couldn’t do anything, but then she discovered her abilities and never gave up.She has also faced many challenges throughout her life and through her athletics career, which shows she has a growth mindset. At the end,she won a BBC Sports Personality of the Year Helen Rollason Award. She deserved this because if she had a fixed mindset, she would have given up easily and wouldn’t have become famous. She is a good inspiration for people to have a growth mindset.

  7. I chose Beatrice Hess she is a famous swimmer, who was born in France. The newspaper described herself as One as the best swimmers in the world. She has a growth mindset because she has won 20 gold and 5 silvers medals between 1980 and 2004 [including 15 Paralympic golds.]She wouldn’t ever give up. She has also faced many challenges throughout her life and through her swimming career. They gave her a new nickname called The French Thepedo. She won her first gold medal in 1984 and lots more in 1988 she got six gold medals in 1996,and seven more in 2000. Beatrice Hess was in Sydney she broke nine world records, and now she is fifty-six/56.
    [By Renee.]

  8. Catherine spears
    She has a growth mindset.This is because she had no legs and was interested in chariot mathrine-tooth she never have up and she tried and tried until she succeeded and became famous also known as a paralympic.
    This is why she is a growth mindset and is why she is definitely not a fixed mindset a person who is always afraid to try knew challenges in there lives.

  9. The famous Paralympian I chose was Trischa Zorn .
    She has shown her growth mindset by winning 41 gold in the Paralympic games. She didn’t give up and succeeded by winning 41 gold medals.

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