5 Red, Friday Health Week.


Today we looked at daily activities to ensure your mental wellbeing is positive. We then created a poster of positive activities to help mental wellbeing.

Be Connected-

To understand what mental health is and how it can be resolved when the right support is made available. We performed short drama scenarios about how to identify mental health warning signs and to support in the correct way. Take a look at our performances below.

Which was your best lesson today and why?

What have you learnt from today?

6 thoughts on “5 Red, Friday Health Week.

  1. My favourite lesson was all of them as it was fun to learn how to be healthy and we made amazing preformances
    I have learnt how I can stay healthy when I’m older

  2. Wow I really liked Today my favourite lesson was drama because we had to show our emotions which was very fun and we tried our best I have learnt what mental health is

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