5 Red-Perfect Pulleys…

5 Red were superb this afternoon and I am still smiling as I add this blog. The children were given a tray of items and asked to create some pulley systems. A pulley is a wheel on an axle or shaft that is designed to support movement and a change of direction of a taught cable or belt, or transfer of power between the shaft and cable or belt. It can also guide the cable or exert a force!

Please look below at some of the SOLE work that took place today.

Please write a short paragraph explaining if your pulley worked and how it could be improved even further.


  1. Our group used:
    1x wheel
    1x stick
    1x string.

    We put the stick through the wheel then we put the string around the wheel.Then put it around the stick and pull it and your done.

  2. Our pulley worked. We could improve it by somehow attaching the string to the wheel instead of holding it, behind the scenes it kept falling.

  3. We need those stuff to make a working pulley;

    – a yellow stick with holes in it

    – string

    – wheel

    – straw

    – bowl / bucket

    – heavy object

    So what you need to do is to get a straw yellow stick with holes and a wheel
    In the middle of the yellow stick with holes put the wheel and put the straw through it with the wheel in the middle.
    Put the sting on the wheel so attach the bucket with the object in it from the edge
    of the string and from the other end pull it

  4. My groups pulley worked the things we used were
    -a yellow stick with holes in.
    -a wheel
    -some string
    -and a heavy object.

    How you make it is you get the yellow stick and straw and put the straw in the middle hole of the stick.Then you put the wheel on the straw.Next you get the string and you tie it on the yellow stick .After that you tie it around your heavy object and you turn the straw around and it should pick your heavy object.

  5. Pulleys:
    Our group created a pulley we used…
    *1 wheel
    *1 weight
    We experimented different experiments and we worked hard to create lots of experiments to get it right and lift the weight.
    Finally we found out a way to lift up the weight but it could be improved by adding more materials to lift more than 1 weight, that is how it could be imoroved.

    Thank you Mrs Raja Khan for staying with us for science

  6. Our pulley worked because it on the wheel the string was running on the wheel so the tester was holding the wheel on top in place.It could be improved by using something else for the wheel because it was keep on sliding of.

  7. Ours worked but I want to improve something our group could be more specific but all the others was good and tried well but if yours didn’t work then try again 😀👏

  8. Pulleys:

    My group made a pulley out of…

    – String
    – 1 Wheel
    – 1 Weight

    We conducted this experiment by attaching the wheel to a piece of string and then fastening a weight so that a bit of pressure builds on the wheel.
    As we did the experiment we found out that the more heavier the weight, the more time to reach the top.

    Our pulley had worked but I think that it still could be improved. I think that we could’ve made a strong base ( the place where we put the wheel ) and we could’ve added a few more weights. If we would’ve added a few more weights,it would take a longer time to come up. Other than this I think our pulley was good

  9. our pulley had worked it would be able to carry heavy weight , this is how I think it could be improved to hold extremely heavy weight

    Maybe it could be improved by tieing the rope more firmly around the stick with holes
    If that doesn’t work maybe it will work with a stronger rope here are some of the stuff we used

    Stick with holes
    Water bottle
    By Layla

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