5 Red’s Art Week

This week we have been learning about David Hockney and Caravaggio.  

David Hockney created many 3D landscapes and the children learned how to use one point perspective to create a 3 dimensional painting.

Caravaggio was know for realistic depictions of faces, as a class the children learned how to draw faces in proportion and detailed facial features.

Here is a video they made to show off their fantastic work.

10 thoughts on “5 Red’s Art Week

  1. Our art week was awesome!
    We learned many stuff such as how to do a face potrait by Caravaggio,
    We even learned how to do a one point prescriptive landscape and misses Cochranes was awesome.
    This art week was the best art week ever and finally I learned how to do a nose.
    Thank you for planning an awesome art week.
    We focused and listened when Miss was telling the steps.

  2. I loved art week and i loved other pepole’s art week and we drawed a face and we also made some progress with the details we all were so stuck and we followed the instructions in the board.

  3. I loved our art week! It was so fun and I challenged myself to do a 2 point prescriptive drawing when everyone did a one point prescriptive drawing.

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