5 Red’s Autumn 2 Celebration Blog👏

Year 5 ,this term, you have made me and Miss Cochrane really proud. You have worked as a team and given your best.  Watch the video below which showcases your learning and achievements from this term. 

Please leave a comment sharing how the Autumn term was for you.

Stay safe ,enjoy the Christmas holidays and see you in the new year.


5 thoughts on “5 Red’s Autumn 2 Celebration Blog👏

  1. The autumn was great because I learnt how to calculate area and perimeter I also learnt lots of new things in many other subjects.😄😃😄😁

  2. What a great term. 5 R you have worked well and attained some outstanding results. You have had many teachers and you have not once let us down, what a class! Thank you Mrs S for being the glue and holding it altogether, Miss C will be proud!

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