5 Red’s Film Narrative

This term 5 Red have been doing some fantastic work based on film narratives. We have produced written work describing emotional scenes, produced comic strips and diary entries about the life of an old man. We then created a silent film of our own to show a range of emotion.

5 Red: What was your favourite part of this module?

             What have you learnt?  What are you most proud of?


  1. I am really proud of my film.The hardest part was trying to make everyone be quiet.My facpvourite part of my film was the part where the bully throws the car in -THE GHOST WAY-.

  2. My favourite part was planing because it was fun and we got to get creative with our films.I have learnt that not speaking is very hard and everyone did well.

  3. I am really proud of this because it’s hard because it is a silent film and it it is really hard not to make noise . I am proud of it as well because is has good structure and they are all really good .

  4. Well done all of you you all created your silent films that were fantastic I think that the best one as the secret brush because it had loads of good diologue

  5. My most favourite part of this module has been planning our silent movies. I have learnt that a good film needs a good plan and a good plan must have everything you need. I am most proud about the fact that we have achieved our objective and made a silent film with music.

    • My favourite module was the acting.I have learnt that it is very hard to create a silent movie as u can’t make noise or speak.Iam proud because it was really hard and I put all of my effort in it.

  6. My fav module was acting. I have learnt what composition means. I am proud because i put all my effort in and now its on the blog which is good.

  7. Well done you all created amazing videos
    My favourite part of the module was filming the whole film narrative video
    I have learnt that making these videos was very hard because its only music in the background and sound effects I am pruud of making a film narrative video inspired by the film the piano and Disney Pixar up

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