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5 red’s Music Critics

Today you are going to be professional critics. You need to listen to the following songs, and then decide which one you are going to review.

A critic listens to a song or an album then writes a review of it in a newspaper, magazine or for a website.

You need to listen to the song and in your review describe:
– name the song and the artist
– what genre the song is from,
– what good features the song has,
– what bad features the song has,
– whether you like it or not with an explanation.

You can find all of the songs below.

29 thoughts on “5 red’s Music Critics

  1. 1.Band-Pink floyd

    4.Good features-
    The good features are that Pink Floyd has nice singing and rock is really good and I like there symbol for the song Time.

    5.Bad features-
    The bad features are that in the song Time they took to long to start the song because at the start music was playing on at the begging foot about 2 minutes.

    6.Why I like it or not?
    I like Time by Pink Floyd because it’s a rock song and it is really fun and fantastic.

  2. Time – Pink Floyd:

    The song Pink Floyd falls into the music genre of Prog Rock ( also known as progressive rock ). The good features in this song is that it builds up suspense with the Rythm and beat. It also sounds good when you actually deeply listen to the song. There is 1 bad feature in the song and that is that when they finished their instrumental they jumped into a loud tune, they could’ve kept it a bit low then go high. As an overall I really liked the music Time because of its beat,rythm, and the voice they were singing in. This is why I like the song.

  3. Bee gees


    I likes the 🎥 quality and the beat/ rhyme

    I hated the bit they appeared on the screen and they should speak a bit louder

  4. The first video is by bee gees and it is called night fever.

    The second video is by T. rex and it’s called children of the revolution.

    The third video is by Black Sabath and it’s called Paranoid.

    And the last one (fourth) is by Pink Floud and it’s called Time.

    The first one is rock.
    The second one is progressive rock.
    The third one is heavy metal.
    The fourth one is rock like the first one.

    The first one is really loud.
    The second one has most actions.
    The third one is using lots of loud tunes.
    The fourth one is like a horror one by not saying anything then getting into it.

    I don’t like the screaming in some of the songs. I mean really loud .

    I don’t like these songs that much because I don’t like rock like Miss Cochrane that much. It doesn’t feel nice vibrating in my tummy or on my ear a lot.

  5. Name: Black Sabbath
    Genre: Rock and Roll and a bit of horror
    Good features: The type of music,The type of instruments that they used,I like that they are singing more than the music that they are playing
    Bad features: They did a bit too much of rock

    By Hamza Mohammed🙂😀

  6. Genre of songs.

    Bees Gees=disco
    Children of revolution=glam rock
    Paranoid=heavy metal
    Time=I forgot that one

    The good features of the bees gees song are
    It is fun
    It has a lot of energy
    The good features of children of revolution are
    The good features of paranoid are
    It’s scary
    They are screeming
    And shouting
    The good features of time are
    It’s jazz

  7. 1.T.rex Children Of The Revolution
    2.Pink Floyd Time


    1.Glam Rock
    2.Prog Rock

    Good Features:

    1.It has a cool beat and it’s a little angry.
    2.At the start it has a lot of money sounds which makes me feel rich.

    Bad Features:

    1.There is a bit too much shouting which makes it out of tune.
    2.There is not much singing,it’s mostly just the beat and money sounds which makes the song sound a little bad. :(

    What I think of the songs:

    1.I really liked this song because it was angry and had a good beat.
    2.I liked this one because of the singing.It made me feel cool and posh.

  8. The bee gees song is called night fever the genre is disco.I know this because it was all funky and happy.The features the song had was the rhythm and I liked how it was all exciting.I didn’t like that it was dark because the genre is disco and the background didn’t really seem all happy and funky.I like it because the singers sang really good .

  9. Name of band: pink floyd
    genre of the song: rock music 🎧
    Good features:lots of sounds.
    Bad features: nothing I like the song .
    I like it because of the sounds

  10. Song/Artist

    Bee gees = Night Fever

    Bee gees = pop

    Good features = Very catchy and lots of very good voices

    Bad features = Not very interesting

    I don’t like the song because it’s not very good and there’s lots of pauses

  11. Name:Night fever
    By:Bee Gees
    Genre:The genre is disco.
    The good features of the music is that they are enjoyable and you can feel the beat.
    The bad features of the music is that they have too much of instruments in the background.
    I like the song because it has a good beat at the beggining and they sang really clearly.
    I liked the song as well because all of them that sang had different voices and they were really confident.

  12. – name the song and the artist: The name of the song is time,the band is Pink Floyd.

    – what genre the song is from: Tne genre is rock

    – what good features the song has: The song has good features like it has a good use of instruments .🎻

    – what bad features the song has: The song has no bad features.😡

  13. Name the song and the artist:Time by Pink Floyd.

    What genre the song is from:Prog rock.

    What good features the song has:Interesting,Calming,Strange,Cool,Wakes me up like an alarm clock,Good rhythm.

    What bad features the song has:Takes long to start.

    Whether you like it or not with an explanation:I like this song because it has a very nice beat and tune.I think that it’s good as well because it is old but cool.

  14. Name:Time
    Band:Pink Floyd
    Genre:Progressive Rock
    Good Stuff:The good stuff from this song is the beat and the tune
    Bad Stuff:The bad stuff from this song is that the singer I’d almost shouting when he sings and it takes 2 minutes and 14 seconds for the singing to start

    I like this song because the beat is nice and I like the tingling of bells at the start.

  15. Name of artist: Black Sabath
    Name of the song: Paranoid
    Genre: Heavy Metal
    Good features: The good features were; You could hear the lyrics (and backround music), they made the song good enough to dance to.
    Bad features: The bad features were that they were too loud (that’s all I can think of).

    I like the song because of the beat and rhythm. The music makes me want to dance.

  16. The names of the songs :
    1.Bees gees by night fever
    2.Children of the revolution by t-rex
    3.Paranoid by black sabbath.

    1.Bee gees disco and probably pop to I think
    2.Children of the revolution rock by t-Rex

    3: Paranoid by black sabbath HEAVY METAL

    I like bee gees .

  17. Name of songs:
    Bee Gees

    Bee gee/disco
    Paranoid/heavy metal

    Good features about the songs:
    1.Bee Gees good features are that the city lights are in the video
    2.Paranoid good features are the music is good and the instruments play out nice to the beat.
    3.Time good features are that the musical is long so it is unique.

    Bad features:
    1.Bee Gees bad features are that they don’t show there faces that much.
    2.Paranoid bad features are that they act crazy in every song they do.
    3.Time bad features are that the musical take up half of the video that means there is less singing.

    The only song I liked was night fever because that addaed flashy lights in and that made the video cooler and the song was nice and I loved the fact it was disco.

  18. Name: Time
    Creator: Pink Floyd
    Genre: Progressive
    What I like: I like that the rythm and beat is good
    What I don’t like: At the beginning it wastes time by just playing music.
    I liked it because I like that type of music

  19. Bee Gees: Night fever
    Genre: Disco
    Length: 3:31 Minutes

    Night fever is a alright song because his singing is really high pitched and he voila bring the pitch down a little bit.
    One of the good features is that the background music is a good beat.

    I don’t like Night Fever

    By Jamie

  20. Song time
    Artist pink floyd
    Genre rock
    The great thing about this song you aren’t expecting for alarms to go off at the start
    The bad thing is it’s so loud

  21. Black Sabbath: Paranoid

    Paranoid is a Heavy Metal song. 🤟🏽

    Paranoid is a good song because it has a good name for what type of song it is and it introduces singing quickly. Most rock songs don’t.

    Paranoid is a bad song because children might not be able to be allowed to watch/listen to heavy metal songs.

    I like the song Paranoid because it has a good name and it is rock and I’m into rock and aggressive music.

  22. [Name pink ]Floyd Roger water
    [Genre] Progressive rock
    [Good features] the good features about pink floyd is tha the beats of the song and rhythm of it.
    [bad features] is that they do the beat first instead of the singing.

    I like the pink floyd because they are good at rhythm and beat and the way that they sing.

  23. Name:Time

    Artist/Band:Pink Floyd

    This is my review on Pink Floyd, Time if you have strong opinions on this song please click off as I may be offending you.

    Opinion:I think this song is rubbish.

    Reason:I am led to believe this because when they were singing I could not hear a single word they were screaming at the top of their lungs like children when they don’t gat they sweet they want, also for the first 2 and half minutes their is no singing just music. I have googled the definition of a song and this is not a song even look at the definition

    1.a short poem or other set of words
    a pop song”
    synonyms: air, strain, ditty, melody, tune, popular song, pop song, number, track; literarylay
    “a beautiful song”

    Yeah I know…

    Overview: In Conclusion… this song is trash…

    Stars:0 out of five, out of *****

  24. The names of the songs :
    1.Bees gees by night fever
    2.Children of the revolution by t-rex
    3.Paranoid by black sabbath

    1.Bees gees :Disco/pop
    2.Children of the revolution:Glam rock
    3.Paranoid :Heavy metal

    Good features :
    1.Bees gees:It’s a good song because it’s very catchy and vintage
    2.Children of the revolution:Is good because te- Rex gave a good performance
    Paranoid: Is good because I like music that’s rock and goth

    Bad features
    Bees gees:It’s a bit to disco
    Children of the revolution:It’s to much there over performing
    Paranoid:It’s a bit to rock and roll

    • Sorry I forgot pink floyd I will do it now
      Time by Pink floyd
      Genere:progressive rock
      Good features:The singing was good and the time thing gave it drama
      Bad thing:The clock lasted like 2:00 minutes before it actually started
      What I like:It’s not fluffy it’s rebellious and cool

  25. Pink floyd: band
    Something good: it has good use of instruments
    Something bad: nothing
    I like it because of the use instruments and background
    By ionela

  26. Name : paranoid artist is black sabbath tha genre of the song is heavy metal, the good features of this song is that there’re all syinging in rhythm and the bad features the song has is that they keep playing the same instruments over and over again. I don’t like this song because the instruments like the drums has a bad beat to it .

    By Layla

  27. name the song and the artist:Bee gees,Night fever.t-rex,children of the revolution. pink floyd, sabbath,paranoid
    what genre the song is from: night fever is:Disco.Children of the revolution is:Glam rock. paranoid is:Rock. pink floyd is: classic Rock or Psychedelic Rock
    what good features the song has:they all have rhythm and fits in
    what bad features the song has: It has to long of instruments playing it
    whether you like it or not with an explanation: all Of them i love it but pink floyd time too much instruments


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