5 Red’s PE and wellbeing day

It has been a pleasure to teach in Year 5 today!

The aim of today was to develop children’s overall health through a variety of physical activities. They have improved their teamwork and cooperation skills and developed their hand-eye coordination.

We focused on positivity and how we can be positive through respect and empathy. We made a graffiti wall to share our ideas.

We used the MUGA to work on our coordination. We demonstrated brilliance and teamwork through a range of physical activities including throwing and catching, dribbling a football and bouncing a tennis ball on a racquet.

We thought about what a compliment was and gave compliments to others to show kindness.

We thought about fitness and took part in circuit training and swimming. During this task we showed determination and resilience.

1. Explain how you can be positive.
2. How have you shown resilience today?
3. How can you show kindness to others?
4. What have you enjoyed and why?

6 thoughts on “5 Red’s PE and wellbeing day

  1. You can be positive by running around and playing.
    They have because once they got it wrong the tried again until they mastered it.
    You can show kindness with manners and play with them.
    They enjoyed the exercises because when they are exercising you can see they are smiling and having fun!

  2. Challenges:
    1.You can be positive if you never give up and keep trying.
    2.We have shown resilience by never giving up and being healthy.
    3.We can show kindness by helping each other.
    4.I have enjoyed doing push-ups.

  3. It was really fun and the excessive made me tired

    1 You can be positive if you smile and don’t give up
    2 We tried our hardest and gave motivations to our friends
    3 We can show kindness to others if we didn’t make fun of them and tried to help them with positive motivations.
    4 I enjoyed making our exercise videos

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