*5 Red’s Perimeter Video*

Hi everyone, I hope you’re enjoying Shape week.

Today, 5 Red had a fab day with myself and Mr Newman learning about Perimeter.

We went on the playground to work out the perimeter of the MUGA and put this video together to help you calculate the perimeter of shapes and areas.


Using our video, can you comment and write how to work out the perimeter of a shape/area?

What other areas did you calculate the perimeter of?

Why is perimeter important?

Can you think of any other uses for working out the perimeter of areas, specifically large areas?


Great job 5 Red, you worked really hard!

Miss Bhandal :)

14 thoughts on “*5 Red’s Perimeter Video*

  1. To find the perimeter of a shape or area you need to find the length of a shape or area for example 22cm and then times it by two because there are two lengths of a shape or a area so times it by two will be 44cm.You do exactly the same with the width for example 5cm times by two equals 10cm so add 44cm to 10cm equals 54cm.

  2. Great vidoe south America table a great demonstration of how to use the trunddle wheel, how to convert M to CM and KM and adding the lengths and widths.👏👍👍😎

  3. Wow! This video is going to save Miss Smith a job this week! Our Year 2 G+T children are working on perimeter this week and this video explains it fantastically! Thank you!

  4. How to work out a perimeter of a shape
    First of all you have to get a shape and you count up all the corners of the shape and then you add the numbers up but you have to use the colum method and then you will get your answer.
    The shape.
    Perimeter is important because you cant get the shape answer.
    A house a field or a farm.

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