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5 Red’s Persuasive Language Presentations

Today, we developed our own ideas for strange products that could be sold. We then used persuasive language to present our product to our class and try to convince them they’d like to buy our product.
Would you be brave enough to buy and try any of these weird and wonderful products?

Challenge: What features of a persuasive text did you use? Do you think you used it effectively? What would you improve next time?

8 thoughts on “5 Red’s Persuasive Language Presentations

  1. We use emotive language and we use superlatives and we also used powerful adjectives

    Yes becuase that we were clear

    We could be more persuasive next time

  2. 1) We used rhetorical questions and superlative.
    2) I think we used it effectively because we called it the ‘best’ ice cream and we included detail.
    3) I think we could improve by adding more detail.

  3. a) in my persuasive advert, we used our voices loud and rhetorical questions, we also said “cheap” so the person watching it interested.

  4. a) We used rhetorical questions to make the reader think about the product and be interested . We also used imperative verbs to make the reader buy the product. b)I think we used it effectively because everything is in place and it makes you think about buying the product. c) I would improve on thinking about when to talk and what to say so you don’t forget your role

  5. 1) In this video I saw the features of powerfully adgective and persuasion on why you should buy this product and supterlaction because it is telling you that is the best thing ever and that you should not miss out and makes you fell gultiy if you don’t have it or tried it.

    2) I think I used it effectively because it does make you bfeel gulity saying that you haven’t tried it yet and wants you to try it because if you use the adjective s in the right place it makes the ad more better and effective.

    3) If I did this again I would improve on the more adjectives and try make it more effective by saying the brand name more times so it would stick in the person head so they knew where the place was and what the broduct we are selling is.

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