*5 Red’s Rugby Trip*

Yesterday, 5 Red visited Coventry Rugby Football Club at the Butts Park Arena.

We had an awesome time!

Enjoy watching the video below, I’m looking forward to seeing your answers and comments.

Have a lovely weekend!

Miss Bhandal :)

17 thoughts on “*5 Red’s Rugby Trip*

  1. What is an emblem?
    An emblem is a picture or image that represents a team or group. The rugby team had an emblem too.
    How do you score a goal in rugby?
    To score a goal,you have to throw the ball in between the two sticks,called goalposts.
    Who stands in this box,what do they do?
    The referee stands in this box. He looks at the players and makes sure the game is fair.
    What is the sin bin,why do players go there?
    The sin bin are chairs where players go if the referee sees them not playing fairly.
    Who is the 4th official?
    The 4th official is a person who is in charge of the players on the sin bin. He makes sure that they don’t run off!
    Why is the “Still bicycle”out there?
    It is out there to warm-up the players before they go into the match.
    Why are the walls blue and white?
    The walls are that colour because it represents there team colour.
    Who is this, what does he do?
    He is the doctor for the players in case they got injured. Without him they couldn’t be a part of the game.

  2. Who is this guy?
    This guy is called Louis.

    Why is his job important?
    His job is important because he has to make sure the team isn’t injured and fully fit for their next game.He is the medical person

  3. What is a emblem?
    Symbolic object as a distinctive badge of a nation, organization, or family.

    How can we score goals in rugby?
    Points can be scored in several ways: a try, scored by grounding the ball in the in-goal area (between the goal line and the dead-ball line), is worth 5 points and a subsequent conversion kick scores 2 points; a successful penalty kick or a drop goal each score 3 points.

    Who stands in the box?
    manager to see how the team is doing.

    Why do people sit on the sin bin?
    when people get a yellow card (when you get when your naughty on the pitch) they have to sit on the sin bin for 10 minutes.

    The bicycle is out here so you can practice before the match and prepare yourself for the game.

    Who is this sign for?
    The sign is for Coventry so they know who’s changing room there in.

    Why are the walls blue and white?
    Because their emblems colour is the same and can represent this is Coventry.

    What is Omio holding?
    Omio is holding the Coventry rugby t-shirt.

    What prize were we awarded?
    we were awarded a match ticket.

    The shirt belonged to the oldest rugby player Harry Walker(the oldest player). He even comes to watch matches now. Everyone in the Coventry team signed his t-shirt which was now in his sweet(room).

  4. I was enjoyed this experience at butt park arena because it was fun and we had experience to go outside where the rubuy play there games and if even better we got free tickets to go to rubuy I am hyper so much 😆😆😆😆😆😆 the rubuy are lucky because they have people to watch to play every day they work extra hard and wake up at 1pm in the morning to get ready for they game come in up I was proud of myself and other people had a prize because we never give up for anything

  5. It was a fantastic experience to go to Butts park arena where the Coventry rugby team play.When I first heard my class and I are going I was delighted and full and excitement and curiosity where it is and how it would look like.Before the trip it wasn’t to keen on rugby and I only knew the basic rules of rugby on the other hand after the trip it has inspired me to play more rugby and learn more about rugby.It was my first time going to a rugby stadium and I enjoyed it as much as I could.It was a very long journey but the journey was totally worth it.

    The shirt belonged to the oldest rugby player Harry Walker which all the England rugby team signed and he still comes to watch Coventry Rugby team play.We did a quiz and we had to find the answers in different teams my team was called the addidas legends.We got points for whoever got the most answers correct and the team who worked as a team the best so there was a lot to play for.A emblem is a badge which represents which team are you from for example all people at Broad Heath primary school has a broad Heath badge this is also known as an emblem.The people who stand in the box is the people who tell the players to change something like to change the formation and the coach is in block five and the person who is in the box and the coach use a walkie talkie to tell the person what to change.A season ticket holder means he or she has paid the money to watch every match of the season.The sin bin chairs are there because if you get a yellow card you have to sit in the sin bin chair for five minutes.You get a yellow card if you are being cheeky.A fourth official sits next to the sin bin chair so they don’t run and play when there five minutes are not over.There is a bicycle so the players who are about to get on train to get ready to play.The sign is for the away team just to know they’re in Coventry.The colours are blue and white because those are the colours that they have on their T-shirts.The man was the club physio , he is important because if someone is injured he helps them get better.The home teams changing room is better because they have the numbers and their names and they have Lucazade and it is warmer and less dirtier and you feel more in home however the away teams changing room is dirty cold no Lucazade.I was holding the Coventry away team kit.The words were there because all the team made those words at the start of the year to follow.Your city your club means you can watch the club play in your city everything is yours.The team do this to know they are doing it for the fans.We all got ticket and I got a T-shirt.We played flush the loo so if someone hit you with a ball another person has the flush the loo until someone hasn’t done that stand still and they flush the loo with the handle you make with your hands and you are in the game.The first one was if someone hits you with the ball stand still and put your arms out and someone has to go under arms to be in again.

  6. Another super day out in Year 5. Liking the idea of sin bins, then again they wouldn’t need to be used at BH because we have superstars at this school who follow the rules!

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