*5 Red’s Scientists*

One morning during the first week of this half term, some boys from 5 Red asked if they could do an independent research project about the Earth and Beyond, which was also our Spring 2 science topic. After being given the go ahead, they set up in the spare Year 5 classroom and began their work. Bringing in their own resources/equipment, working as a team and giving up their lunch times, they spent the term creating an amazing piece of work which we are hoping to display. This project was planned and completed by the children in the video, without any help from myself, Mrs Mahtani or Mr Wilson.

Instead of just completing the work and showing it to us, they presented it…dressed to impress, and did an awesome job!

Well done to everyone who was involved in this project, it’s simply amazing that you worked so hard because you wanted to, not because you had to.

We are incredibly proud of you!

Miss Bhandal :)

8 thoughts on “*5 Red’s Scientists*

  1. What a great video that summarises all the learning you have done on a fascinating subject! Well done boys, you were incredible at working as a team and presenting with confidence. I have loved this video, 5Red has awesome teachers (Mrs Mahtani and Miss Bhandal) and awesome BH Citizens. Keep it up 👍

    • Thanks Mr Mahmood, and another thank you for joining us on our trip to Stratford. We’re very happy to have had you support us on a couple of our year 5 trips :).

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