5 Red’s Space centre visit

Today year 5 visited National Space Centre in Leicester. It was a fun packed day and we enjoyed a variety of exhibits and lots of interactive activities.
We had our lunch before seeing a space show.It was the brilliant experience for us kids and the teacher’s😋!!!!
By Ayesha and Leeda
Please share highlights of your day .

13 thoughts on “5 Red’s Space centre visit

  1. It was a great trip.We went to the cinema (3D) and made our own badges.I done lots of other fun stuff like when we went through the tunnel.I really hope our next trip will be just as fun as the National Space Centre

  2. My favourite part was we saw the show in the dome it was EPIC it’s soo epic it got a capital letter epic.I also liked having lunch 🥙 because I was starving

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