*5 Red’s week in Morocco*

5 Red had an amazing Around the World week.

Here’s the video showcasing our week’s learning! Can you answer the questions and share what you have learnt throughout the week?

I’ve also attached our Film Award winning video, a huge congratulations to Ahlam, Bukumi, Jay and Zaid for their independent creativity.

It’s been a wonderful term, have a lovely break and see you in 2016.

Miss Bhandal 😊

19 thoughts on “*5 Red’s week in Morocco*

  1. Everyone learnt something about Morrocco. Morocco week was really fun especially tasting Moroccan food. I learnt the capital Morrocco is Rabat.

  2. we used the compass to locate Rabat . we have been locating cities like marrakesh and fes there lots more to.the food was really nice

  3. Algeria and burtania the capital city in s Rabat and some foods were made in a tagine with is a pot in Morocco it was made for making different foods . We used the compass to locate the degrees and positions. we had to start from Rabat holding the iPad and then held it near are stumache and point it out to were the city is and check the degree and position. Morocco is located in the north west of Africa. You got to the city by after using compass other partner walks from Rabat and counts the steps to the city . We were locating the contries around Morocco
    1 you need to make a circle with the clay .
    2 then make a triangle shape with the clay .
    3 last of all make a 3D little cup at the top.
    The map was about the population . The video was about a man who visited the Sahara desert and explored different things and information.
    There role is important because they’re a judge and ask interesting questions the people who were in the panel was Ahlam ,Osman and Bukami . We were arguing against Samuels team and Mia’s team . The debate went well and the final dicisions went well. We tasted varieties of foods my favourite was the dates because it was sweet and savoury and tasted good . We finished are tagine by panting the patterns on it . I will use my tagine for a lot of things.

    I am happy for 2016 and I hope we have more fun and have more nice lessons .
    And a happy new year !

    • Super comment Nana, you produced some great work during Morocco week. You’ve also explained the ‘locating cities using a compass’ activity really well. :)

  4. The bordering countries of Morroco are Western Saharah,Algeri.
    We were using compass to find out how are we gona trevel to different cities. by using compas to travell to Rabat i used my finding out skills and i worked with my partner.We were locating the cultral cities.Tangines are used for food and there is a dish culd tagine.

    • to make tagine
      step 1 was to make a circle and then make it in bowl.
      step 2 to make the top you need to make it in 3D triangle.
      step 3 for the finishing tuch for your tagine yo need a small cirlce of clay and the make a little hole in you circle and then make it in a triangle.
      we were locating cities with different languages
      the video we were watching was about man trying to know what hapened with Morroco and west and sahara.
      I was in fisher man groop for our debate and we were arguing againt Morroco.
      Osman’s,Bukumi’s,Ahlam’s roles were importantbecause they were heads of the debate.
      the debate was good because all of us could have a go at speaking.
      i didint taste all of them but falafels weremy favorite because the tasted nice.
      I finished my tagine by paintingit with different paterns.
      i will use my tagine for my decoration.

      • Hi Madara, well done for this great comment. You’re right, Osmaan, Bukumi and Ahlam were in charge of the debate and they did incredibly well. That’s good use for your tagine. :)

  5. my favorite food was that meatball thing and the humous i did,t like the rice and the sauce. the boarding countries of morocco is algria westen sahara and marituiana.we use the compass app for search differnt cities and cultures. we travel to valley it was in western sahara and we started from Rabat to the journey. we were locating cities and cultures in the map. the tagne were made for cooking because you put food in there and put in the oven it will bake the food for you.first of all you need a clay to make a circle. second of all after making your circle you put your thumb and push it down.pinch the edge of the bowl and it would be a bowl.you use your other clay to make the 3d trangle . you have to use your knukle to make the traingle. last of all you put a little clay roll it till its a circle then do the the same use your knukles . thats is 3 step how to make a tagne. i idenify mountains and rivers or ocacons and seas.i was in gorverment of algria we were aganist gorverment of morocco .there roles important because they should fight the gorverment of the morocco.the dabate goes very well.yessssssssssssssss! i taste the meatball thing and the humous and the dates.it taste braillant . my favorite was dates because there were very sweet and delious.i finsh my tagne by paints and when it was dry it was finsh. i am going to use mine tagne as sweet holder.

    • Hi Isra, I also enjoyed tasting the dates because they were incredibly sweet and you all know how much I like sweet food. Well done, you did really well throughout the week. :)

  6. The bordering countries of Morroco are Marituiana,Algeria and Western Sahara and Morroco is located in the north west of Africa.The seas that surround it are the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea.We used a compass app for locating different tourist sites in Morroco.One place I travelled to was Erg Chebbi in the Western Sahara.We started our journey from Rabat (Morroco’s capital city) and then the Comapass showed your how many degrees to turn and the directions.Then you have to find how many steps away is it.My favourite food was the dates because they weren’t to sweet and they tasted delicious.Most of the foods were very sweet but all of them were healthy.My group was the government of Algeria andI as happy with the final decision because I was looking for that decision and it puts peace in Western Sahara.The video was about how dangerous and how people are suffering in the Western Sahara.The three steps for making a tangible are get clay,create a shape that looks like a bowl and then create a cover that looks like a cone but no circle at the bottom and is the exact size as a bowl.Finally,paint the tangine if you want to but you don’t have to.I was happy with my tangine and I don’t know what am I going to use my tangine for.

    This week was a great week because I felt I was a man living in Morroco and it was a great experience for me to learn about a country I have never heard before.I hope 2016 will be more fun and we will learn more!I can’t wait for Spring 1

    • Amazing comment Omio, I can see that you’ve learnt a lot.
      I’m glad you felt like you were actually in Morocco and enjoyed the whole experience. :)

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