5 White – Children’s rights.

This week in PSHE we have been looking at the role of the UN.

Can anyone explain what the UN is?

Can you name any countries in the UN?

An important part of the UN is to protect the rights of children. In 5 White we did some research into this as we feel all children’s rights should be respected.

Can you name some of the rights children have?

What is a right? What does it mean?


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  1. Un means United Nation
    Some of the countries in the United Nation are Brazil Packistan Britan and lots more.
    there are lots of rights for children including the right to go to school, the right to be looked after and have clean nice home with kind parents. Alesha Ahmed 😋

  2. The UN stands for United Nations and it is made of over 100 countrys and it protects children rights,brings world peace and more.America,Pakistan,Uk,France,Canida,China,Germany,Belgiame,India,Japan,Spain,Turkey,Norway,Australia,Newzealand,Iceland,South Africa and more.They have the right to have healthcare,Food and Education and safety.A right is something which your allowed to do.It means something that you are allowed to do.

  3. The UN is made of 192 countries from around the world.
    It was set up in 1945 – after the second world war as way to bring people together and to avoide the war. The un logo shows the world held in the olive brenches of peace.The countries which are in the United Nations are United States , United kingdom ,Russia ,France ,Canada, India ,Austrailia, Iran ,Egypt, Turkey, Syrian Arab Republic , Brazil , Netherland ,New Zealand , Mexico, Norway ,GREECE , POLAND .

  4. the un is an international organisation of countries.
    some of the countries in the un are America, Britain, Pakistan , brazil, Bangladesh, Chile, chad etc.
    children’s rights to be treated fairly, eat a healthy diet, get education and to go school
    a right is something we should be allowed to do because if we had no rights we will not be allowed to do things

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