5 White creep closer to their goal!

We had more success with our spellings last Friday and again 26/32 children got 10/10, or so we thought. Salma was absent for the test and in her determination to help the class raise this score she completed the test yesterday and scored 10! This has helped use beat our personal best with 27 children achieving 10.

Our last test of the half term is Friday can we raise our score again? Will we achieve all 32 children getting 10?

Keep working hard 5 white and remember to share your spelling tips with your friends.

5 thoughts on “5 White creep closer to their goal!

  1. A tip is the look at the spelling,repeat it five times without look,then move on.

    I hope we beat our high score and get 32 children by friday.
    Come On 5 White If We Believe We Can Achieve


  2. The top tip is to learn your spellings everyday then every day ask your partner to test you on your spellings then on Friday you will get 10/10.I think all of us will get 10/10.

  3. Wow 5W- this proves that you are ready for Y6 challenges, you are a team who want to learn. I am sure you can beat your personal class score.

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