5 White get a visit from the Grand High Witch!

This afternoon in 5 White the children were shocked to find the Grand High Witch waiting for them after lunch.

Before lunch they had designed menus for her RSPCC group staying at the hotel, these menus were judged by the evil one herself!

The children then had the opportunity to ask her a few questions before she left, apparently the classroom smelt od “dogs droppings”.

img_06431 img_06491

What did you find out from her?

Can you write a description of the Grand High Witch?

How did you know this lady was a witch? What clues were there?

5 thoughts on “5 White get a visit from the Grand High Witch!

  1. I found out that she likes normal human food and she hates the smell of children. As we walked into the classroom, there she was, sitting on the window ledge, the foolish, cruellest, Grand High Witch. She walked like a one leg lion and smelt like dogs droppings her self. She had glasses which were as big as a cats eye, and she liked me a lot. I knew Miss Readhead was a witch because she was scratching her head because of her wig and she had glasses on because of her purple eyes which have ice in them. We all knew it was you miss readhead anyway you blew your cover on Friday!!!!!!!!!!!😂😂😂

  2. I found out that the Grand High Witch is a bit tough as she is hard to excite and make happy.

    The GHW wears a mask to cover up her ugly face that is hidden inside it.The GHW always scratches her head as she wears a wig over her bald head, this gives her a rash.Her sunglasses cover up here eyes as instead of having black pupils, like us, she has purple pupils.

  3. I found out that she covered her nose when she got close to us, I think she is covering her nose because we smell like dogs dropping to her.
    She wears a mask to cover her ugly witch face ,black clothes, definitely a wig and black gloves to cover all of her ugly face features. Slowly she crept toward every person with her mysterious eyes covered with black sunglasses which would not let you look through it. She had a nose which was popping out of her face. Her skin was like snakes leather skin also her skin was as pale as snow. She had thin bloodless lips which almost matched with her skin. She also had a voice that was a fake women’s voice.
    I knew this was a whitch because witches don’t like children and so does she. She also has gloves on mabye to cover her cat like nails or mabye because she is cold.

  4. I found out that the Grand High Witch hates children because we smell like dogs dropping apparently.Also she talks very posh and exaggerates a lot.The Grand High Witch,who is a very stern lady,scratched her head as if she had nits.Her toes,which were shorter than a worm,made the brainy one limp.The brainy ones nose,which was as sharp as a needle,sulked all the air in the room and made everyone die.Her eyes,which were as big as a golf ball, glared at me in a evil look.I know that this lady is a witch because all witches contains a long nose,no toes,itchy heads and they limp a lot.Also they talk a lot.

  5. Loving the look. Amazing contrast between her ebony black hair and her pure white skin, this contrasts well with the concept of good and evil.

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