5 White – Growth Mindset

Today we have been learning about how having a growth mindset to help us solve problems. 

Here is some of the work we have done.

5 White what can you tell me about growth mindset and how is it important?


  1. It is important to have a growth mindset as it will help you learn and develop not just with education and school but to grow as a person. With a growth mindset you can achieve a lot more and be quite successful. A person with a growth mindset is a person that never gives up and always listens to advice even when it is not that positive. They try hard and believe that there is always room for improvement. So people (especially students in primary and secondary school)should always have a growth mindset and not a fixed mindset.

  2. I enjoyed this lesson because we got to learn what a growth mindset is and it means when you don’t give up when you fail however a fixed mindset is when you fail you give up straight away.✅🍰🎂

  3. A growth mindset is when you don’t stop trying and you show resilience towards challenges And show trial and error. You are also open to challenges. It is important because it helps your brain and challenges you.

  4. In more information a growth midset is where you are not scared of a challenge and you won’t walk away from it.No matter what you would do you wouldn’t take any rish you would try, try again.But a fix midset is when you would walk away from a challenge and not believe in yourself.

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