5 White – Is this art?

This week we have looked at the artist Andy Warhol. We had to think really hard to decide if his brillo boxes should be classed as art.

Challenge 1:

What can you tell me about the artwork?

What was inside the boxes?


Challenge 2

Is this art?

Think about what classes a piece of work as art. Do you think this should be classed as art? You need to explain your reasons.

messy art

15 thoughts on “5 White – Is this art?

  1. Challenge 2
    This is artwork because somebody has created it and art is something that has been created. Tone and texture class a piece of work as art.This should be classed as art because it includes tone, texture and much more features a piece of art should include.

  2. Challenge1
    The artwork made of old cardboard boxes to me look like a hotel whith different platforms also it looks like two towers.
    Inside the boxes where Brillo soap pads.

    Challenge 2
    It is art because art dosent have to be a picture or a sculpture it can be made by anything .Also to me the paint looks like multicoloured fireworks that have just been exploded.

  3. Challenge 2
    When you use a class piece of art you will need to use tone texture
    Tone is when you sketch from light to dark.
    I think the second picture shows different type of colours in the background.

  4. 1.if you can use your imagination the first piece of art looks like a city made out of Brillo boxes.in side the boxes I think there is a magical world in side it

    • 2. I think the second piece of art is a piece of art because there are lots of bright colours and the people who had made the art have splattered the paint in all sorts of ways so I think that piece of art should be classed as a piece of art

  5. Challenge 2
    When you do a class piece of artwork,make sure you use some tone,texture and some other things which are important. I think that this should be a piece of artwork because in the background it isn’t just plain.

  6. A piece of artwork is when you use some tone. Tone is when you want to sketch your art work lighter or darker. When you want to colour you should do the background to make it better because that is what Andy Warhol did.

  7. 2nd chalenge
    When you do a class pice of art make sure you use some tone texture and somemore things.I think this sholed be a pice of art because in the backgrouned it isnt just plain.

  8. A pice of artwork is when you use some tone.tone is when you want to sketch your art work light or dark.Also when you want to couler you shouled do the background to make it better because thats what Andy worhole did.

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