5 White Jubilee day!!!

5 White have enjoyed celebrating a wonderful Jubilee day!

We have learnt the national Anthem.

We have read about Her Majesties fascinating life.

We have solved a Mathematical mystery.

Played same royal bingo and other games.

Created a bunting timeline and other decorations.

What a fun busy day we’ve had celebrating. Well done 5 White’s , as always We are so proud of you all.

Mr Kane and Mrs Habib

Class questions:

What was Her Majesties nickname?

How many dogs has she had?

How old was Her majesty when she became queen?


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  1. 1)The majesty (Queen Elizabeth) nickname was Lilibet.
    2) Queen Elizabeth had 30 (Corgies) dogs since her accession to the throne in 1952.
    3) Princess Elizabeth came queen on 2nd June 1953 after her fathers death when she was approximately 25 years old.

    I really loved the bingo and pin the diamond on the crown. I really enjoyed everything especially the games.I really also enjoyed what fun we had on that day.

    Have a lovely half term Mr Kane and Mrs Habib.

  2. 1. Queen Elizabeth nickname was Lilibet
    2.Queen Elizabeth had 30 corgis
    3. Queen Elizabeth was 27 years old when she became Queen
    Have a lovely half term!

  3. 1) Queen Elizabeth’s nickname was called Lilibet when she was a child .
    2) Queen Elizabeth loved corgis because of their short length ,she had more than thirty of them.
    3) She became Queen on the 2nd of June when she was around 27.
    I enjoyed doing the bingo and pin the diamond on the crown , It was really fun.

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