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10 thoughts on “5 White Learn Persuasive Language!

  1. The features we used were
    Rhetorical question ?
    Powerful verbs
    Powerful adjectives
    Punctuation such as exclamation mark! , question mark ?,

  2. We used:
    .Rheatorical questions E.g “Are you hungry yet?”
    .Title E.g “Come to Budapest!”
    .Sub-headings E.g “Things to do!”
    .Introduction E.g “Budapest is the capital of Hungry which is in the heart of Europe. Come and visit this diamond 💎 and experience the kindness of the Hungarian people and enjoy the food and wine of this region.
    .Proper nouns E.g Polar bear and Budapest.
    .Adgectives E.g delicious.

  3. we used:
    Rhetorical questions ~ ‘Do you have small children?’
    adjectives ~ popular and amazing
    Verbs ~ go ,jump
    Persuasive language ~ ‘Best zoos in Europe’

  4. We used Rhetorical questions like “Do you have small children?”
    We also used superlative which is the best it can be for example Most amazing is the best it can be.
    Persuasive language like using expression and emotive language.

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