5 White Shape Experts

We have been exploring shape in 5 White today.


  1. I enjoyed when we analysed the shapes and identified them.I also liked the task that we did outside the classroom.We had a cone,a cone has one apex,1 curved face,1 circular face and 1 curved edge.

  2. We have been learning about 2d and 3D shapes and we figured out problems about shapes and we made a video about telling how much vertices it has how many edges and a 3D shape is and solid shape and a 2D shape is a flat surface shape and this is a fact and 3D shapes are are not a flat shape is is that they have 3 dimensions and some 3D shapes apex a apex is when each side of the point meet and make a point and that is a apex .😎🤠🤑🎮⚽️🏀🎾⚾️🥋

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