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  1. Dear diary,
    I had the most amazing day ever!While I was at Broad Heath School at the playground with my friends until, FLASH.A strange object appeared in the sky.To me, it looked like a mysterious UFO in the sky, everyone else thought it was an alien spaceship which was going to invade us.All of a sudden, the UFO started zooming past the School and then it collided into the ground.

    -By Louis

  2. Dear dairy
    You wouldn’t believe this
    That i saw a UFO at Webster park today
    It might kill everyone in the park or invade the whole world some people look for
    Somewhere to hide so the aliens would’t not be kill because they don’t want to be kill and the aliens to take out the people brains. Maybe the alien just want to stay in the earth or the alien plant is DOOM FOREVER

  3. Dear Diary,
    today, I saw a UFO (Unidentified Flying Object) just hovering above Broad Heath School. What was it doing there? I decided to ignore it. On the way home I was regretting not reporting this as it had been an amazing discovery. Just then, I heard a whirring sound above me. I looked up and froze with fear. IT HAD FOLLOWED ME ON THE WAY HOME! Where there really creatures in that spacecraft? I thought for a moment, and then, it got closer, I hope they are friendly, I thought, but I wasn’t standing around to find out. So I ran, and ran, and ran, and didn’t stop running until I got home. Phew, that was a close one. I wonder what that really was and what was in it?

    Signed Off, Elyass

    P.S. Id love to know what your thoughts on this was. :)

  4. Friday 10.15pm there was UFO
    flying above broad Heath primary
    school. We had to do something
    because this is very dangerous
    for the children that go to the
    woulda best school we have
    to do something.We can not
    ruin the children education
    what do these UFOs want
    from this school what have
    this school hide from the
    aliens and I feel excited.

  5. Dear diary
    Today was the most interested and most exiting day of my life because I have just seen a UFO with my own eyes.If you don`t believe me come see me because I have got some footage.When I saw this at first I didn`t believe it but then it started moving I was gobsmacked and then I actually started getting interested.I told my friends but they didn`t believe me so i told my mum and she said there might be a chance of aliens being real.I am a believer of aliens.

  6. Dear Diary,
    I was very scared at that point when I saw the UFO (Unidentified Flying Object)and its was very exciting and i was feeling a bit nervous,so I decided to ignore it but when i walked off its follow me.I was extremely worried and there was lots of questions,such as ”What is it going to do”’Why is it following me and many more.

    Signed Hamda Finger

  7. Dear diary,
    At this very moment I have sawn something in the sky. Was it a bird? Was it a plane? Or was it a helicopter? No it was a UFO! You may not believe it but trust me I had. I was feeling mixed emotions at the same time at fist gob smacked but then worried because what if it can take over the world? This was amazing me and my peers were so suprised that this happened so we took a photo and ran to my house to show my parents! GUESS WHAT! They didn’t believe me because they kept on thinking it was photo editing even though they had proof in font of them! This was a worried, frustrating, gob smacked day! I am so excited to see what is going to happen now. Hopefully I will find out more about this!

  8. Dear Diary,
    You wouldn’t know what I saw today!
    Today I saw a real UFO!
    I thought it was a cloud but it was a real UFO. Also then I thought it was a a real spacesaucer.Then I knew it was at the top of our schools roof. When I saw the spacesaucer I felt really timid because I wanted to know what was going to be in the spacesaucer.Also then I thought that there were some aliens in the spacesaucer.

    By:Hamdia Darwish

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