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5 White – Space Nappy Part 1

In 5 White we all took part in a SOLE project when we considered what would happen if we went to the bathroom in Space. 

We concluded it would be a disaster!

To resolve the problem we began working in teams to design a space nappy for NASA.

We had to consider all the problems first thinking about:


how it will stay on

how it will work 


and much more!

Here is the progress we have made today.  Please check again tomorrow to see our conclusions – enjoy part one of our journey.

What problems have we faced today?

What have we gained?

What do we need to do tomorrow?

9 responses to “5 White – Space Nappy Part 1”

  1. Aimee-Rose G.

    The problems that I have faced was creating and designing the nappy for the astranouths and it was very very difficult to do but because we worked as a team we created it a lot faster

  2. Aimee-Rose G.

    That lesion was amazing because we got to put tolite paper on Bethany and martanya to make a nappy .

  3. Farhaad N.

    To keep it absorbent, we had to think on the choices we were given, for example cloth, fabric and cotton. – Habiba-

    The problems we have faced today were thinking about how much ML we were using to make the materials soak. We also had to think how much toilet roll we were going to use to wrap it around the person who was wearing the nappy. We also had to figure out a way that astronauts in space could use the toilet, as it would go everywhere in space. – Farhaad –

    Tomorrow we have to make our nappies so that it is obsorbent and make sure the astronauts don’t get splashed by the poo and wee. -Fathiya-

    👉👌Farhaad, Fathiya, Habiba, Aleem And Ahmed👌👈
    Fathiya, Ahmed And Aleem did do more work however it got deleted.

  4. Naly A.

    1. The problems we have faced today was trying to get the nappy on a person and the nappy being ripped.Also there a problem getting the right design to create our nappies.
    2. What we have gained? We have gained the knowledge of how to make nappies for people in space and we now know how to make a space nappy.By this we are going to create this tomorrow.
    3.What we are going to do tomorrow is we are going to carry on making and designing our space nappies and we will test and evaluate them.And making them out of different materials.
    Asia,Mia,Zafraan,Isa and Naly.

    1. Naly A.

      Scrooge table 5 White

  5. Lataya J.

    We enjoyed this lesson because we got to create a lot of things such as nappies and we created them using toilet roll. I have enjoyed people wrapping me in toilet paper today. I enjoyed wrapping Dennis in toilet paper.
    I enjoyed this lesson because we got to design our own nappy as well as other cool and fun stuff.I enjoyed testing the nappies by pouring water how absorbent they are.

    Dennis,sahkib,lataya,zeynab,Malaikah 🌹🌷😎

  6. Sana K.

    1)The problems we have faced are when we were making nappies and the toilet paper kept on ripping.
    2)We gained failure which led us to success , we also gained the power to make a nappy (by Murran 😂)
    3)we need to design and try to test if are nappies don’t work we could maybe redo it all again so we know why we did.

    By Murran😋😂,Ryan💪,Hani😴,Mattew👌 And Sana🌍🌪

  7. Bethany M.

    The problems we faced was creating a design for a space nappy as it was quite difficult.We have gained better teamwork skills as we had to works as a group.We have gained knowledge and an understanding that we should use the right materials .Tomorrow, we will need to use trial and error and start making our nappies. We will have to finish our designs first.Daisy table(Bethany,Martyna,Murtaza,Osman and Aimee )🌼

  8. Zaynab B.

    1.The problem in space is that when you pee with zero gravity ,the pee🤮or poo 💩will float everywhere and eventually it will hit you in the face so we experimented how much liquid a nappy could hope so we could design our own to make it better.🤣🤣

    2.We have gained the knowledge to help the astronauts to not get splattered in the face with their own pee and poo.😱We have also learnt how much liquid different types of nappy could hold.🤫

    3.Tommorow we could make our nappies using our plans to create our improved nappies so when astronauts could where a nappy when we sleep.🤣👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽

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