5 White spot a UFO!

Hi everyone!

We have been looking at recounts in English this week.

We have been developing our skills. We looked at this picture and used role play to express how we would feel in this situation.

UFO pic

Imagine you are writing about this event for the local newspaper.

Can you write a gripping introduction which covers the 5 W’s (who, what, where, when, why)?

Can you include emotive language to engage your audience?

Can you use a sentence with an embedded clause?

I am looking forward to reading your work!

13 thoughts on “5 White spot a UFO!

  1. yesderday evernig , a wired thing came to BroadHeath school .The wired thing was called a UFO .Evryone in the school got worried because they have not seen one before.Mrs Frankish was very sad because her school could get damged from the aliens.

    After a few days it still didn’t go .But after the few days it went and everyone got really happy een Mrs Frankish . So and the UFO did not come to broadheath.
    the end of my UFO intro and story.

  2. The UFO which was flying across the earth is as fast as a jet it was very un expeced it was very shocking when it went past Broad Heath school. Everyone Was scared Because they thought that there be aliens in it. And also it was un expected that how fast it was.

  3. Shadow in the clouds conquers children’s fear
    on the 30th September at 11:15am at broad Heath primary the children were amazed by a floating figure It was an incredible discovery, it stayed their while the children begged for mercy they also hid behind trees.some even hid in corners and cried for their mums. Residents were astonished from this,teachers called up every child’s parents they ran to the school as if they were getting chased by a monster.
    It was even scarier than a bony hand throwing itself on your shoulder.ice shot up everybody’s spine I think I know what it is it is a UFO!.

  4. At precisely 11:15 on Friday,an unkown UFO had been discovered by children on the playground whizzing around Broad Heath Primary School. Year 4,5 and 6 were shocked by this terrible,suspicious influence.

    The Headteacher Miss.Frankish was amazed and had said”I can’t believe it,this is not usual this is the first ever UFO discovery in our history.”Everyone was unharmed and we’re thankful for this miracle,but they say”we all want to see what’s inside is it aliens?facinating.”

  5. Last night Broad Heath school spotted a mysterious UFO. BH school are shocked
    by the raid of the UFO.

    The ship,which was coloured grey, had lights to scare humans BH paniced they all wanted to run inside the school because it might harm them.we thought that we were going to die and we thought that they might hover us and bring us into the UFO and kill us but it just stood still like a statue.
    Mohamed Shanab and Adam khan

  6. At precisely 11.15 Wednesday morning a UFO was spotted hovering above BroadHeath.Students shivered in fear when they saw the UFO. Teachers panicked and the school was running riot.Also I felt shocked and a bit exited because I wanted to see what was inside but I also felt shocked because me and my friends could of got hurt.😃😃😃
    From Abdi and Bailey-Jo

  7. At precisely 11:26,it was reported that a possible UFO had been spotted.It was a bright morning until a myserious shadow had covered the school,then a couple of students from Broad Heath primary school spotted a UFO,just hovering over their school.As they were playing,it started to get darker and darker as the UFO got closer. The UFO ,which had green lights,frightened the children and made them jump out their skin.

  8. The ufo, which was doing evil stuff and gliding acros the sky . It started onFriday 9:45 in the morning above broad Heath primary school .some aliens were in it who knows what was in it what if. It was a weird shaped cloud we don’t yet know why they came to planet earth maybe they are testing best planet in the universe or testing how they behave but we can’t really say it was a ufo (unidentified floating object)stands for UFO. The ufo do is make our school bad because they are so mean to use every body.

  9. Yesterday evening ,a mysterious affair happened a ufo that shook people’s mind was noticed. Children were frightened and ran inside the building dew to the fact they thought they were aliens.We had an interview with the head teacher and she was petrified just as much as the children.

    • A strong start Zeid well done.
      Remember it is due not dew.
      I think you need to look at the first sentence again and look at where you need to use commas, this will improve it.
      Well done :-)

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