5 White’s amazing homework effort!

Well done 5 White!

Last week I set you a homework challenge to research 2 key figures from the Victorian era and present it to the class in your chosen way. I was so impressed with the giant posters, the presentations and the game show.

You have opened the door to opportunity this week!

Here is a video to highlight the outstanding effort some children put into their work.

26 thoughts on “5 White’s amazing homework effort!

  1. Sadia’s gameshow was excellent! Fatima’s work was fantastic and she put so much effort into it! Daniel and dash’s homework was amazing and dash made it so sparkly! Ryan’s work was splendid because he added so much detail to it! Also,Humaira’s home work was dazzling and shiny! Abdi did a great presentation and it was superb! Well everyone did a stunning piece of work and I loved all of it.

  2. Everybodys homework was amazing I liked sadias game show and the boys won yeha!!!The chimney sweep was made from my moms old make up brush.I thought it looked like a chimeny sweep so I asked her if I can use it she said yes but I had to pay the price which was oh! ill tell0 you tomorrow. HEHEHEHE!!!! HINT IT STARTED WITH CH:):) Any ways the homeworks were great.

  3. Well done everyone all of our homework was so good especially Ryan and Sadia. Both of use need a special well done. Sadia had a fantastic game show which everyone enjoyed even the girls who lost it. Ryan also made a fantastic poster which really showed us what they used in the Victorian times. I think every body has put lots of effort in to this work.WELL DONE!😀😀😀

  4. i loved it and the video my nan was like ooh there you are everytime she saw me even when it was other peoples work being presented jease nan just told me to type nan was so proud of my work not to brag but i agree

  5. I know you all put in a lot of effort and I enjoyed marking your books. Very detailed facts, beautiful presentation and quality work. Daniel, I hope you shared your treat with Dash. Well done everyone.

  6. well done everybody in my class the homework was fantastic i liked it and some of my favourites were humaira because it was glittery,ryan because he made objects like a chimney sweeper, abdi because it was funny , sadias because it was fun and i liked the game show and last i liked daniel because there was a lot of glitter.

  7. Dash the hamster designed it I wrote everything I couldn’t have done it without my pet hamster dash.
    Everybody did a good job but dash did the best🐹🐭.

  8. Well done to everyone in my class.Your homework was really good.I really liked Ryan’s because he used so things from home to make them look like a chimney sweeper.

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