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5 White’s: Music Critics

Today you are going to be professional critics. You need to listen to the following songs, and then decide which one you are going to review.

A critic listens to a song or an album then writes a review of it in a newspaper, magazine or for a website.

You need to listen to the song and in your review describe:
– name the song and the artist
– what genre the song is from,
– what good features the song has,
– what bad features the song has,
– whether you like it or not with an explanation.

You can find all of the songs below.

30 thoughts on “5 White’s: Music Critics

  1. Children of the Revolution by T Rex.The genre of the song is Glam Rock.The good features are the beat and rhythm.The bad features are that I can’t make out what they are saying.I like this song because it makes me want to bob my head along to the beat.

  2. 1.
    Black sabbath- “paranoid” belgium1970
    The song is good because the beat and rithem is in time
    I don’t think ther is anything is bad about it because it is all in time

  3. Pink floyd-time ( 2011 remastered)
    I enjoyed pink floyd because it’s a progressive rock and It’s Calm. The good features that it has is instruments which is calm and I like when the person is singed it had expression also they had clear voice and tone.i don’t like the tone it is very depressing and low. I like it because it’ s Calm and I don’ t like rocking music.

  4. Bee gees
    Night fever
    I think this is a disco because I can tell of the background
    One of the good features are facial expression because he does not look down he only looks at the camera
    I think one the bad things that he is singing not to loud
    I like it because is good and the background is not boring and it’s not bad

  5. The song is black sabbath.
    The gener is glam rock.
    It’s good because it has good rhythm and beat.
    I don’t think anything is bad about it.
    I like it because it has a good rhythm.

  6. Out of the four songs I prefered the third one( paranoid-black sabbath-) since it has a fast beat.
    What I liked about it was that it has a echo after every sentence.
    What I dislike is that it is slightly too loud and aggresive.

  7. Paranoid by Black Sabbath
    Genre is Rock music
    The good features are suspense, Rhythm and tone
    The bad features are can’t quite here the drums
    I like it because has lots of guitaring and expression

  8. I like the songs because of their rhythm and the sounds of their instruments.I think the genre of 2nd one is Glam Rock,1st rock,3rd rock and 4th classic.I like the second one

  9. I think pink floyd is a good song because it’s a calm and a silent song,the bad thing is that the instruments which are used are not that good.

  10. I liken the song paranoid because it has a good rhythm but the thing I don’t like is that on some of the words I could not understand it would be better if they made the words more clear

  11. Bee gees night fever
    I think it’s disco
    It’s good because when he sing its doing the expression
    The bad thing it’s not do emotive language
    I like it because it’s disco and I like disco

  12. Night fever is the name of the song.the band is called bee gees.I think the genre of the song is disco.i think this as it makes me hear a certain funk or groove to the singing.the thing that is good about it is it makes you feel you want to dance.i don’t know if there’s any bad thing to write about it but the actual video editing.i really like the song because the funk is really catchy that maybe I’ll some how hum it on the way to school or my cousin.

  13. Black Sabbath “Paranoid”

    This song is in the genre “Heavy Metal”. I like their beat and the lyrics. I think the singer for Black Sabbath could have been more clearer with their voice so people can hear them better. I believe this song is really good and a legendary song.

  14. Black Sabbath-Paranoid
    The genre is heavy metal
    The good features in this song were the tempo was fast and it was a good song to listen to.The bad features in this song was the introduction.I enjoyed this song because it was a fun song.

  15. I like children of revolution which is by TRex.
    The genre is Glam Rock.
    The good features of this is that it is not boring and keeps entertaining you.
    There are no bad features in this song.
    Overall I like this song because it is very energetic.

  16. Song review!
    Name:T Rex,Children of the Revaluation.
    This is Rock music because it uses electronic drums,guitars and so on.
    It uses good tone and their not quiet they are loud.
    It could be improved if their were more singing/rapping and then it would be success.
    I like it because when it comes to rock it gets louder and their pace is good,but at the same time I like singing so I am in the middle.

  17. Pink Floyd-Time
    The song is called Time from a band named Pink Floyd.It is very calm and relaxing.The starting beat I don’t like as much .

  18. T.rex : Children of The Revolution

    This song is a heavy metal song. The good features are the rhythm and how they play the guitar. The bad features are that you can’t hear the words properly because of the guitars and drums. I like it because it has a good beat and rhythm.

  19. I like pink floyd’s as it is very calm unlike all the others.As I said it is calm however the bad thing is their voice isn’t to clear and also the song is mainly music and there is not much singing it’s very relaxing.(Seriously it is).

    • 😎🤯guitars mind blowing guitarists are so cool 🥉I wish I could listen to it all day 😍👨‍🎤👩‍🎤👨‍🎤👩‍🎤🌅⛼🌇🌉🌆

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