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5B Persuasive Language!

This week 5B have started their new English topic for the term, which is persuasive writing. Today they had the tough task of creating a persuasive pitch with the following difficult items: Chocolate Covered Ants, Adult Nappies and Men’s Skirts. See some of the pitches below and look out for any of the fantastic features they have included.

5B, what are some of the key features of persuasive writing?

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5 thoughts on “5B Persuasive Language!

  1. Persuasive texts have the following

    repeated words.

    alliterative words.

    emotional language.

    a strong argument.

    rhetorical questions.

    colourful and eye-catching fonts / capitalised words.


    a large eye-catching title

    powerful adjectives

    exhilarating verbs

    powerful nouns

  2. The key features that I learnt were main title, subheadings,superlatives,imperative verbs,punctuation,caption,picture,paragraphs and rhetorical questions.

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