5B STEAM Space Nappy Project

Pee and poop in zero gravity space… wow that could be really messy. Please share what we did today.


  1. At the start of the day we Miss started of explaining what we were going to do for the day she said that we were going to design and test space nappies/ normal nappies. Then we started testing nappy to see how much liquid could the nappies absorb. The new brand Aldi mamia nappies were the best adsorbant protective nappy. I think that the newer brands would be much better than the older brands.
    After this we came in after lunch and started design our space nappies. Then the part we were all excited for was when we had toilet paper and we wrapped the toilet paper a round ourselves

  2. Today we worked in pair and tested how well difference nappies absorbent liquid, we found out that the pampers (size 5)pull ups held the most liquid. The Huggies swimming nappy held the least amount of liquid (the amount was 10ml)

    The nappies are

    Pull ups, swimming huggies, pampers (size5), pampers (size 3) , Aldi mamia size1
    Aldi mamia size 5

  3. 1) We worked in pairs , using tissue roll, to use different designs, techniques and shapes to create a space nappy.

    2) We used different types of nappies and a ml cup to measure the amount of water used then pot it in the nappy investigating whether the nappy was absorbent and checked how heavy it is and felt the nappy, checking if the nappy absorbed quickly.

    3) We designed and annotated our nappy, also writing reasons what makes a good nappy.

    4) After that, we wrote our results, after the absorbency test.

    I shall write the numbers in the correct order. The order I shall be writing in is the order the sentences should be in.


    Plus, 5 Blue have really enjoyed ‘ Problem Solving Week’ so far, we have been working hard solving ‘ PROBLEMS’ and learning something new. However, we used and applied our knowledge to complete the absorbency test. We enjoyed using techniques and different shapes to create a decent space nappy out of tissue roll. We all created really good and decent work, when annotating and designing a space nappy.

    So far ‘ Problem Solving Week’ has been brilliant, We can wait to learn and discover new things, like in our mantra, ‘ UNRAVELLING THE UNKNOWN ADVENTURE’.

  4. Today we worked in pairs and tested how well different nappies absorbed liquid, we found out that the pampers (size 5) pull ups held the most liquid ( the amount was 1000+). The Huggies swimming nappy held the least amount of liquid ( the amount was 100ml).
    The nappies where;
    *Huggies swimming nappy’s *Pampers (size 5) *Pampers (size 3) *Pampers (size 5) pull ups *Aldi Mamia (size 1) *Aldi Mamia (size 5).

  5. Today we tested how the different brands of nappys would absorb the water and observed which one was the best. Then we wrote a conclusion for what we found out about the task we just did. We also wrapped people in nappies that was made from paper. After that we drew our nappies and wrote the materials and wrote what the materials were good for.

  6. We were using toilet rolls to make space nappys.We worked in pairs so one partner raps the tissue around the partner.
    We tested how well different branded nappys absorbed liquids we found out that the mamma nappys are 250ml.

  7. We tested a tissue made nappy to see if it was comfortable or uncomfortable.We worked as partners to rap tissue around each other for a nappy.We also tested if,we spilled water in the nappy,maybe it would leak.These were the nappy brands:
    Swimming nappies (huggies),Pampers(different sizes),Aldi mamia (different sizes.)

  8. I had a really fun day with the space nappie making we used the toilet paper rollers and we asked out patner to make us a nappie and then the best teacher in the world Mrs Edwards toke a picture of space in the green screen room.

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