5B STEAM Bridge project

Today’s challenged required us to create our own bridge. To do this we needed to start with researching the purpose and structure of bridges as well as famous architects.

We then used this knowledge to create a design and create our bridges in groups.

We then tested our designs, some were able to hold the weight and others literally crumbled. Please share your comments about your bridge and what you concluded about bridge design. How could you improve your design.


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  1. If you use more strings you can make more stronger.Sophias group they made a great bridged the mini car that we tested our bridge. Some bridges were balancing and some were growing strait.❤️❤️❤️❤️

  2. Today we got to design and make our own bridges. I could improve by adding sticks to the bottom so it could be more stable I think our group is good because it could carry a glue and a toy car.

  3. We could improve our design by making it Bigger, Stable, Stronger and Sterdier.
    However, me and my group enjoyed creating a bridge and working together as a team. We used a variety of materials such as Straws, Paper, Coloured paper, Sticks and Sticky tape.
    Whereas, we designed our bridge to be quite complicated but when we noticed, our design was too complicated that it would not work, we had a plan B.
    As a class, we all worked very hard and worked as a team to create a bridge, so well done 5 Blue!
    I’d say that the design me and my group made was quite successful when putting objects on the bridge to test whether it was stable or not, however, if you put a water bottle on it would bend a bit, but when you took it off it would go back to normal, another improvement is that the bridge could be 100 percent stable.

  4. I could improve my bridge by putting lolly pop sticks on top of the paper and put sticks in each corner and put a paper on top of the sticks.

  5. I think I could improve it by putting more layers of ice lolly sticks on top of the bridge we made.I also think we could of improved it by putting some straw underneath the bridge.I think my groups,bridge is brilliant because it could carry a toy car.

  6. This steam challenge was difficult but fun so I rally enjoyed this challenge others found this difficult but they loved it aswell well I could improove my bridge by using polistirine but well done tear 5!😀

  7. I think my groups bridge was very good and our bridge was able to hold the weigh of the toy car and could be moved around. We could improve this by marking this bridge to be more stable and stronge.

  8. I can improve my bridge by making my bridge bigger and so it can hold bigger things.I think that my bridge was quite good as we made it strong and it could hold the weight of a toy car and it could drive across it.

  9. It was great learning about bridge because we could design and create a bridge.My bridge was made out of paper and we used some of straws and it was amazing . I could Impove by useding more details.

    By ilhan

  10. My groups bridge was able to hold a car and did not fall apart,however we could improve by making sure that our bridges are able to be stable without a cardboard underneath.

  11. The bridge I made with my group was small, we can improve this by making it bigger and stronger for it to stand better. We could add some lollipop sticks on the sides for it to seem like a bridge.

  12. My groups bridge is made out of popsical sticks tape and also straws.My bridge crumbled into peace’s but I can improve it by adding more straws and tape I had a great time there are some reallly amazing bridges that people worked together to make well done 5 blue

  13. Although my bridge was able to withstand the 1st 2 tests, on the 3rd one, my group wasn’t as lucky. To improve my bridge if I was to make one another time, I would need to add a lot more stabillity and support on the bottom of it.

  14. I enjoyed researching,designing and creating my own bridge because it was fun and we learnt how to work as a team in groups.Also we got to test our bridge in the end and my groups bridge failed.I think I could improve my bridge by making it stronger and to use materials that I think would work

    By Ismail Ali

  15. Some of the bridges could hold a car and were made out of good material such as lolly pop sticks and straws.
    Others were not stable such as the paper one so I advise for you to make it
    stronger and more straight.

  16. I could’ve improved my bridge by making it bigger . I also could have made it longer. By looking at the others I would like to improve mine by making it more stable.

  17. I could improve our bridge by making it stronger by adding more card to it so it would not be so wobbly and wouldn’t shake as much.We could also use barriers around the bridge so it would look more realistic.

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