5B’s Blooming Gallery thus far…

What an ace start to the Summer term!
Children are working really hard in class and this is showcased below.
Please share a HIGHLIGHT of your week!

General reminders for parents and children- we work as a team at BH and everyone has a role to play in creating success!

Bank Holiday Monday

Tuesday: Swimming
(Full swimming kit to be brought into school)

Wednesday: Homework is due
(Any problems should be shared with class teachers on Monday so we can support in advance. Homework is clearly labelled on the blog)

Thursday: Reading journals
(5 signatures and reading challenge complete)

Friday: Spelling and Arithmetic test
(Practice your weekly spellings- we expect nothing less than 10/10!)

Practice arithmetic questions online for Year 5: Online Arithmetic Paper

Practice SPAG questions online for Year 5: Online SPAG Paper

Bronze group: Lots of tasks on Education City for you to choose from and practice your 2, 3, 4, 5 and 10 times table.

A new species has been identified- and it has glowing bones! -CBBC Newsround

50 thoughts on “5B’s Blooming Gallery thus far…

  1. Well done everyone!
    I will always try to get full marks in the arithmetic and also get 10/10 in my spelling test, read 5 times before Friday ,and always do all my homework. ⛄️

  2. The scientists who discovered the toadlet, named it Brachycephalus rotenbergae, after a Brazilian conservationist called Elise Laura K. Rotenberg, and shared their findings in a study. It is part of the pumpkin toadlet family and it has a pretty unusual fluorescent ability. It has glowing bones

    • Hi Ilyas, thank you for letting us know. Did it work in school when I asked you to check it with your partner?

      I will get it sorted and let you know on Tuesday. You will still have the chance to participate and support your class mates during the week.

  3. I got 16/20 in Test 1 for SPAG and 8/12 in Test 1 for Arithmetic.

    The pumpkin toadlet seems very small and harmless, however it is highly poisonous. I also read about the The Pine Rockland Trapdoor Spider that looks very freaky and it seems like the back of it is going to pop!

    • I found the luminous toadlet quite adorable (from a distance)

      Glad you had a go at the CGP tests, it’s a great way to improve our knowledge and speed in preparation for year 6.

      Good boy! I hope you have a lovely bank holiday weekend.

  4. I completed the test 1 in Maths and SPaG.
    I am practicing to be the ” Third Witch” in the auditions.
    Here is a link to see the story Macbeth:
    I am hoping to get 10/10 every week
    I have completed Maths homework on TTRS
    I am going to bring in my Wow homework on Tuesday I think you would like it.

    • “I think you will like it” (will- future tense)

      I look forward to seeing it and thank you for your comment- have a great bank holiday weekend! See you Tuesday Saanvi :)

    • WOW well done super star! What times table did you practice?

      Use those skills to solve the following questions- bring your working out to school on Tuesday!

      A) 1654 x 24
      B) 485 x 67
      C) 3209 x 83

      Have a good bank holiday weekend Rhema!

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