Five Blue’s Blooming Gallery (Week 2)

Let’s earn a class brick for excellent home learning!

What should a year 5 piece of work include?
-Date & Title
-Correct stationary, black pen, pencil, ruler and crayons
-Subheadings for tasks



Other Work
(This work includes Science=Friction, Victorian History, D&T and PSHE)

Work that we can make even better.
Improve and upload again on this link “5B Up-level Work

Maths Reasoning Challenge
Here we have an example of Arina making a correction HOWEVER, who can best explain the original error made. (Using the correct terminology)

5 Blue’s Star Blogger
(This will be given to the child OR children who produce high quality work and work exceptionally hard this week!)

Rhema & Steven
(For your superb attitude to learning!)

C.O.W. of the Week!
(This will be given to the child who is always showing us kindness, respect, and pride through their comments on the blog and care in their work)

For your bright sparky personality even during a national pandemic you have shined and worked really hard!

17 thoughts on “Five Blue’s Blooming Gallery (Week 2)

  1. Thank you for the privilege given to me and to learn and I do believe that this will help me to increase my ability to learn more things . I’m so happy for this honour. it is the best day of my life

    • Awww….I am SO HAPPY for you! Your comment has made me so happy, I am sure Mrs Ahmed will exceptionally happy too! You are so worthy of the title ‘Star blogger of the week’. You have really produced quality work and given of your Best! Amazing! There is no limit to what you can achieve! 😀 Keep up the good work!!

    • Please persevere with uploading your work Saanvi, we as teachers are also having to be very patient when working on the school blog. You have to remember we have never had hundreds and hundreds of children on the blog working super hard at the same time etc so it is a little slower than usual.

      Upload your work when you get a chance and double check around 3-4pm also.

  2. Some AMAZING, BEAUTIFULLY presented work. Mrs Ahmed and I are so proud of you 5 Blue. Looking forward to seeing even more fabulous work on this gallery. Keep blooming!

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