5B’s visit the Black Country!

In Spring term, year 5 have been learning about the Victorians! Today they had the pleasure of visiting the Black Country Museum looking at one of the countries first industrial landscapes, where history came to life before their eyes, In an immersive experience!

See our iMovie below:

Bronze: Name two new facts you learnt about The Victorians

Silver: What was your favourite part of the trip and why?

Gold: Explain how life and history has changed since the Victorian Era

16 thoughts on “5B’s visit the Black Country!

  1. 1) Two new facts I have learnt about the Victorians is that red sweets back then are made out I beetle blood and it cost 1p for a loaf of bread.
    2) My favourite part of the trip was when we went to different Victorian houses because it was interesting to learn the history behind them.
    3) Life has changed completely from the age of when the Victoria era started . In Britain now we don’t have any coal mines , we have electricty and we didn’t have any chimney sweepers .

    On the other hand , life back then was wicked. Children the age of 10 and under had to go work in the mines . It was horrible down there . So dark you can’t see. The chimney sweep job was the 2nd worst job you could get. You ha go vlaen in the chimmneys with dust falling over you into your eyes nose and mouth. Most people have died because of the and by the end of the day you would get 15p , which gave you enough money to buy loafs of bread or sweets.

  2. Bronze:
    In the mine there was carbon dieoxide which the people hâd to push it Away by using their cost.When you Vaughn sweat you would have to share with you family by sucking it.

    My favourite part of the trip was the mine because it was so satisfying.

  3. Bronze:
    The facts that I have learn is that people used to put poison in the sweets to make a green colour.The other fact is that only boys used to do mining.

    My favourite part on the trip was when we went in the mine because we experienced how they worked in the Victorian times and how they found their way around the mine.

    The thing that has changed is no more children work in mines and we have to go to school because it is the law.The second is that you are not allowed to hit children.The last is that in the Victorian only women were allowed to be teacher but now it is all genders.

  4. Bronze
    Name two new facts you learnt about the victorians.
    i learnt how victorian people made sweets. i even now know that people who were poor had to suck on the sweet and then give it someone else to suck on it as they are very poor.

    what was your favourite part of the trip and why
    i liked the part when we went in the mine because i have never been underground and i learnt what they do in there and how much shillings they earn in a week . they earn 15 shillings in a week.i even liked the mine n the most because now i know the job that are very horrible.

  5. Bronze
    I learnt that the miners had to stay in over night with no lights.
    I learnt that the boys only worked in the mines.
    The best part of the trip was going into the mine.

  6. Bronze:
    The two facts that I have learnt were:
    – kids used to work in mines for 12 hours and women used to work in factories.
    – did you know that a loaf of bread 🍞 costs 1p!

    My favourite part of the Black Country museum trip was when we went in the mines and when it was all dark and there was statues that represent kids/ people working there and tell them their life story.

    Life has changed a lot ( when I mean a lot I mean very a lot). In Victorian era there wasn’t any tv 📺 or any PS4 or any other technology like cars 🚘 for example. Now there isn’t any chimney sweepers or any mines for children to work because it is very illegal 👎.

  7. A fact about the Victorians are that to get colour in sweets you used gross ingredients e.g.Poison is used to make the colour green.

    Another fact about the Victorians are that they would put a fire in the fireplace so the Chimney Sweeper would do there work quicker.

    My favourite part of the trip is when we saw an explosion and the grind shaked, this is because it was extremely fun and many laughs and screams occured.

    Now it’s illegal to make children chimney sweep because kids now have a larger range of rights. Everyone now can go to a school till they go college not when they were 10 in Victorian times.

  8. Bronze
    I learnt that people in the Victorian era had to go in mines with no light

    I learnt that the mine was only for boys
    I enjoyed the mine because of the vibrations the vibrations made it feel like it was collapsing

  9. Bronze
    Two facts I learnt in black Country is that the dad had to get the meat and the boys had to work in mines.
    My favourite part of the trip was going in the mines.

  10. Bronze:

    Two facts I learnt in Black Country were:

    1. To make the sweets colours they were made of very nasty such as poison, coal and even squashed Beatles blood.

    2. I learnt that only the rich people can go to school and rich men bought expensive suits and you can tell if someone is rich from those suits and one of them even costed £4,000.

    My favourite part of the trip was going to the mines because it was very fascinating to learn more about a miners life back then and the methods they used to mine the coal. My favourite method they used was Bostin which was when you had to mine very hard rock. What you had to do was first drill a hole into the rock then pour gunpowder into it and the cover it with some soil , then sound a signal so everyone is aware what is happening and then just spark the hole and it will explode the hard rock leaving the coal to collect.


    How life changed from the Victorian era and today was first of all you now get free education now and is compulsory for children under eighteen , also today we also have different laws for example the health and safety laws were introduced you weren’t alowed to put anything bad in food products because in Victorian times people could put anything the liked into sweets like poison or even squashed beatles blood. Also in victorian times there was no free healthcare it was only first introduced in the 1950’s where the NHS was introduced. Also in the Victorian era boys had to work down in the mines or be a chimney sweeper these children can be as young as the age of 4! These two jobs were also one of the most common and dangerous jobs at the time because lots of families were poor so children had to either work for money for there family or if you were a chimney sweeper you earned a place to stay but you’d have very little food and barely any care. Sometimes you can even get kidnapped by chimney masters!

  11. Some new facts I learnt about the Victorians were that the dad of the family would only get the meat because he works really hard all day maybe at the mine. Also the children in each family would have to go to the grocery shop to buy food for their family, if they had one pence on them they would only get the most thinnest piece of meat the shop had, but if they had more than one pence they would probably get a more thicker piece of meat.

    The most favourite part of the trip was probably going in the mines because you got to learn new facts and you also got to have fun in there, also when we all went in the mines it was very dark. Also, in the mines there were statues of people working in the mine, this could have represented how the people felt during working in the mine. I think the people felt very upset and I also think that they really wanted to go back to their own family and stay there.

    Since the time of the Victorian era lots of things have changed such as toy and vehicles back then they had a horses to travel on where as now we have cars and many other land and air vehicles. Also, back then they had mechanical toys but now in the day we have things like drones and RC cars.

  12. Bronze:
    1. The reason children wanted to go to school was so they can get an excuse to not go to the mines but sadly, that was not their choice to go to school or not.
    2. I learned how the miners destroy big rocks in their way-
    They drill a hole in it.
    They fill the holes with gunpowder.
    And finally, they blow up the rock
    This is also called Bustin.
    My favourite part of the trip is the mines because I was one of the only people who were not scared of the dark.
    I also enjoyed some of the shops.

  13. 1. The two things that I learnt was they had to work in the dark in mines it was so so scary and I got frightened.It was only for boys.

    2. My favourite part of the trip is when we went to houses because you get to learn new things about victorian people and how they lived in houses like rich people and how poor people had to work as chiminey sweepers and it is a big difference today as it was back then in the olden day times. How they work and how thy live in houses.

    3. It was changed a lot and now we do not have chiminey sweepers anymore and we do not have mines today aswell as there clothing it is very very different from today and back then. It was hard for the people in victorian times because some people do not have enough things for there family and it was not fair. If some people were rich they could buy some meat for theyre family and they could have a big family feast and also they would have posh clothes and will have a bigger hose and woll have more money to eat and have a nice sencible job instead of naughty dangerous work to do and the victorian people can do what ever they wanted it was not fear on the children and the families who were poor and didn’t have enough money to pay the bill. Some children were kidnapped or was sold to the chiminey master to do some work for him they only got payed a little bit it was so bad for the poor choldren and it was so annoying you only could buy a loaf of bread or some water to drink. Some chiminey sweepers stayed there were they could sleep and some chiminey sweepers were so luky that they could go home. It is a big difference between now and victorian olden day times life was hard for them.

  14. bronze:two new facts that i learnt was that Victorian sweets were filled with poisonous things or things that can kill you.

    silver:my most favorite part of the trip was the mine shaft therefore,it showed us the experience boys had to go through.

    gold:life has changed since the Victorian era.Children used to work at very young age. Whereas now it is compulsory for a child to go to school at the age of 10.

  15. Silver:
    one thing i liked about the trip and my favourite was the mine because i firsrt thing was scary and the stautes i was kinda of nervous but it was fun .

    • What I LIKed about the trip was when we went into the cave because we saw some statues of mineworkers and we learnt how dangerous their job was.

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