5red canal investigation trip

Today we were answering a big question…. is a canal a type of river?

We all walked to the Coventry Canal Basin and observed the similarities and differences between rivers and canals.

  • Questions
  • Name 5 features of a canal?
  • Is a canal a river? Why do you think that?

8 thoughts on “5red canal investigation trip

  1. is a canal a type of river?
    A canal is not a type of river because it is man made.
    Five features of a canal are:
    -man made
    -tow path
    -it starts on flat land
    -it does not start from a high place

  2. Canals are manmade
    Canals do not flow into a different river
    Their water source does not come from mountains or high places
    Canals are usually not used for water
    It has a barrier around it to not flood
    No, I do not think this because canals are manmade and aren’t natural.

  3. 5 Features of a river:
    1) Low source
    2) Man made
    3) They have aquaducts
    4) They were built for transport
    5) Does not flow because it is flat land
    Is a canal a type of river?
    Yes, it is a type of river. It is just man made. I think this because rivers have water and canals have water. Also, they are used for transport and energy like rivers.

  4. Name 5 feature of a canal
    1 man made
    2 locks
    3 it meanders
    4 source
    5 tow path
    Is a canal a river?
    No canals are not rivers because river are not manmade and some canals are

  5. Five features of a canal:
    1. It doesn’t start on a high place.
    2. It starts on flat land.
    3. It is man made.
    4. Aquaducts stop canals from flooding.

    A canal is not a river because all rivers start on a high place but a canal starts on a flat land. Rivers are physical and canals are man made.

  6. Name 5 features of a canal?
    Man made, mouth ens at the same spot as the source starts, tow path, they lock instead of meandering and has bricks and lets rain go down into the canal to stop the city from flooding
    Is a canal a river? Why do you think that?
    Canals are not rivers as canals are man made and rivers are naturally built and do not have the features above

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