5Red Geography Day out

Wow what a fantastic day at Stratford.
We looked at the famous William Shakespeare’s statue and his home. We completed a field sketch of the human features of the high street. Whilst in the town we compared the local architecture within Stratford to Coventry. There was more carvings within the wood within Stratford Tudor houses.
Then we completed a Traffic survey and recorded the results as a tally chart. We will produce a comparison with Coventry over next few days.
After lunch we looked at physical features of Stratford and completed our second field sketch. We then investigated litter. It became apparent that there was no litter in Stratford and the children were very shocked by this. Finally we stood in the grandstand and could hear the amplification of our voices.

All children were very well behaved and showed respect to all they met.

Task –

What is similar to Coventry in Stratford?

What is different in Stratford than Coventry?

How could we improve Coventry to be more like like Stratford?


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  1. 1. They both have theatres .
    2. In Stratford there is less liter and Coventry there’s a lot.
    3.we can I improve no littering o n the water.

  2. 1. The similarities for both Coventry and Stratford Upon – Avon is that they both have leisure centres and theatres.
    2. The difference between them is that Avon River in Stratford Upon – Avon
    is more tidy the the Coventry Canal.
    3. We can improve Coventry by cleaning up litter around the community and environment.

  3. 1. Coventry and Stratford both have theatres.
    2. Stratford is different to Coventry because it is a town and Coventry is a city. Also, Stratford is much cleaner than Coventry because there is no so much litter there.
    3. We could improve Coventry to be more like Stratford by making sure we pick up our litter to keep it clean and tidy.