5Red Home Learning 16.07.2021

Good Morning all,

It is fun Friday so here are a few tasks for you to complete.


Your English task is on LBQ today = 8tsw

There are some different questions all about English. A complete review of Year 5. Show me how awesome you are.


Your Maths task is on Education city today.

There is a review of angles.


Create a poster about year 5.

Remember to use, colours , bold writing and fantastic adjectives.

I’d love to show the year 4 children these.

Please share to this Sharepoint

45 responses to “5Red Home Learning 16.07.2021”

  1. Timothy C.

    I have done my Maths (On the education city I got 100% on both of the games), English and I have sent my PSHE work :)

    1. Mrs Diaz

      Well done Timothy, keep it up.

  2. Yousuf I.

    I’ve done it all

    1. Mrs Masters

      Great work today Yousuf, You have been a superstar today. Keep it up.

  3. Yalda N.

    I’m sure I sent pshe but if I did not I will show you it on zoom tomorrow

    1. Mrs Masters

      That sounds like a great plan although it is Saturday tomorrow.

  4. Ellie T.

    l have done English

    1. Mrs Masters

      Well done Ellie. I can see you tried really hard. What was the trickiest?

  5. Danyaal H.

    I have done english

    1. Mrs Masters

      Great work Danyaal, you did very well. Most right first time.

  6. Danyaal H.

    I have done math

  7. Elyas S.

    I have done both and got 90% on maths and all of them correct on English.

  8. Rida W.

    I have done lbq and education city

    1. Mrs Masters

      Well done Rida, I can see you completed your English work to question 19 however you have only complete task 1 of 2 on Education city.

      1. Rida W.

        On the maths I did them both

  9. Reece T.

    mrs i don maths and English i got for English 34/34 and for maths i got 80

    1. Mrs Diaz

      Well done Reece, a good score! Have a go at the Fun Friday blog too.

  10. Yalda N.

    I mean math

  11. Yalda N.

    I can’t find english

    1. Mrs Diaz

      You have already completed LBQ Yalda, you need to complete Maths on Education City.

  12. Muhammad S.


    1. Mrs Masters

      Good work. Can you explain what is a homophone?

  13. Shabaz A.

    I have done both Maths and English.

    1. Mrs Masters

      I can see your maths work is great. Make sure you send your PSHE work too.

  14. Yalda N.

    I did math and got all 34 right

    1. Yalda N.

      I mean english

    2. Mrs Diaz

      Yalda, do you mean English because you haven’t completed any work on Education City for Maths?

  15. Aleena M.

    I done both Maths and English

    1. Mrs Diaz

      Yes Aleena we can see you have completed them all, well done! Have a go at the Fun Friday blog too.

  16. Esra S.

    What is PSHE?

    1. Mrs Diaz

      It is up Esra.

    2. Esra S.

      I have done English.

      1. Esra S.

        Education city is not working like yesterday’s work.

        1. Mrs Masters

          I will ask Shaun if he can help. Please come back in 20 minutes for an update Esra.

          1. Esra S.

            Ok,PSHE will be sent by email.

          2. Mrs Masters

            Thank you very much, Esra. I will email you your login details as it all looks good this end for education city.

  17. Reece T.

    i have done English and i got 34/34 it was very easy

    1. Mrs Diaz

      Wow a good score Reece, well done.

  18. Reece T.

    opps i ment mrs

  19. Roma M.

    In lbq I got 8 right ✅ and 2 wrong ❌
    In education when I go to homework something pop up and it won’t go away.

    1. Mrs Diaz

      Roma keep trying, It could be a pop up advertisement, it shouldn’t have them though.

  20. Musab H.

    I have done maths but it keeps glitching out

    1. Mrs Diaz

      We can’t see any of your work Musab for Education City and LBQ. Can you please complete them.

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