5Red home learning 19.07.2021

Our last week of year 5.
today we are going to have some more fun.


As it has been very hot over the weekend I would like you to write a poem all about the hot weather

You could include – how you feel, what you do, what you can’t do.

Remember to use lots of descriptive language. I have added a descriptive language word mat for you to use.

Write it in rough and publish it with pictures around it. Use colours and wow me.

Send it to this Sharepoint.


As we have been in our gardens over the weekend I want you to complete some art. However, it is a challenging one.

I want to see part of your garden or Balcony day and night. How you ask. Well half in the day and a half in the night.

Does it look different at night time? Are there animals that arrive at nighttime? What colours would there be?

  • Draw the out line of your garden first.
  • Fold your paper in half
  • Colour half using different colours as you can see it now.
  • The nighttime half needs to be coloured darker or even black like shadows.

Send your artwork to this Sharepoint.


Research a place in the world where you want to visit one day.

  • How do you get there?
  • What would you do while there?
  • Where would you stay?
  • What activities are there?
  • What currency do they use?
  • What is their traditional dish (food)?
  • What is their flag?

Create an information poster showing the place to everyone.

Send them to this Sharepoint.

29 responses to “5Red home learning 19.07.2021”

  1. Timothy C.

    I have sent all my work

    1. Mrs Diaz

      We have received it Timothy. Which destination would you like to visit?

  2. Muhammad S.

    I choose Pakistan
    why I hear you ask well its because I haven’t been there for over 5 years now and its my homeland other than that I want to visit because Pakistan has a beautiful mountain range and I want to see my culture
    and that is going to masjid to pray salah then go to school and after religious studies. The national animal for Pakistan is a Markhor which can climb mountains and is very rare the reason this a national animal for Pakistan is because a Markhor climbs mountains which could kill it but keeps on going just like Pakistan as it was risky for Pakistan to have Independence with Uk and India. Pakistan and India are neighbors and live together but some people say that Pakistan and India are at war but I think not as those two countries are very nice to each other and there is normally no harm done. Pakistan and India have the biggest border in the world and in Islamabad the Faisal masjid and badshahi mosque are two great attractions. Bashahi mosque has over 100 rooms for salah and has a little museum about the prophets of Islam.

    1. Muhammad S.

      I have also done art and English

    2. Mrs Masters

      This all sounds great. Can you create a poster celebrating it. I would love to see it all colourful.

  3. Rida W.

    I’ve done them and I’ll send them now

    1. Mrs Masters

      I have seen your work Rida. I am sure you could put in a little more effort. Well done for trying but I need some more from you please tomorrow.

  4. Mis if you can’t read some of the words they are fezzan cyrenceaia and tripolitania

    1. Mrs Masters

      Thank you for your work. I am learning today too. Keep up the work Noah.

  5. Aleena M.

    I sent all my work

    1. Mrs Masters

      I love your artwork and Turkey is a lovely country. Well done Aleena.

  6. Yalda N.

    I sent my work

    1. Mrs Masters

      Yalda I have seen your information about Finland. I also would like to visit. Good work.

  7. Elyas S.

    I have sent my work.

    1. Mrs Diaz

      Elyas, a good start but when would we draw in pen? Also there is no colour in your drawing to tell us the day and night effects.

  8. Danyaal H.

    I did Art

    1. Mrs Masters

      Danyaal, do you think I would be happy with your effort if you were in class. Do you have a huge tree in your garden? Also, I do not think you have put in much effort. Please try again.

  9. Danyaal H.

    I did English

    1. Mrs Masters

      I love the word tempered. Good job in English.

  10. Ellie T.

    l have completed the poem and sent it

    1. Mrs Masters

      I have seen your lovely poem. Can you use colours to make it summery?

  11. Reece T.

    The place i chose India

    Question: how do you get there
    Answer: you get there by a aeroplane.

    Question:What would you do while there?
    Answer:i would go to famous beach’s,temples,shops and go to famous places

    Question Where would you stay?
    Answer i would stay at a hotel

    Question:What activities are there?
    Answer:you can do day outs,trips,tours,restaurants,beaches,theme parks,water parks,cinema

    Question:What currency do they use?
    Answer:they use rupee

    Question:What is their traditional food?
    Answer:it is chaapati curry Dal rice

    1. Mrs Diaz

      Reece, you were meant to create a poster of your favourite country and research it. Please can you do this and send it to the share point.

  12. Eesa F.

    I feel so hot when it was the weekend.
    I drink water so I don’t be so hot.
    but still, I was still too hot that I have to drink cold water with ice and but ice bag in my head so I don’t be hot.

    1. Mrs Masters

      Eesa a lovely start however it needs to be in your homework book and a poem. See if you can make it rhyme. Send it via sharepoint

  13. Muhammad S.

    Mrs are we gonna do maths

    1. Muhammad S.

      sorry mrs I dont really know

    2. Mrs Masters

      There is no maths today. There will be tomorrow so make sure you are ready.

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