5Red Home learning 21.07.2021 – Fun Day

Hi 5Red,

We have made it now to the end of the year and what a great year we have had.

If you were celebrating Eid yesterday you can complete some of the blogs from yesterday.

We have a zoom call at 9 am please join us.

For your learning, today can you record yourself sharing your favourite memories of year 5. Please upload them by 2.30 so we can share on the blog. Share your videos here Sharepoint

You can also write some fun alliterations about the children in 5Red and write them on these below and we will create an end of year 5 video.

Look forward to seeing you on Zoom.

16 responses to “5Red Home learning 21.07.2021 – Fun Day”

  1. Rahima J.

    Running Raihaan
    Tiny tim
    Energetic elyas
    amazing aleena
    smart shabaz
    Jumpy james
    enthusiastic esra
    kind kia
    happy harris
    young yousuf
    nice noah
    mischievous musab
    mysterious merab
    resilient rida
    joker jacob
    realiable rasan
    Raging rayyan
    Rainbow roma
    Music masters
    dazzeling diaz

  2. Kia J.

    kind kia
    amazing aleena
    marvelous merab
    respectful rida
    responsible rahima
    tidy timothy
    awesome alisha
    excellent elyas
    happy harris
    smart shabaz

  3. Eesa F.

    I have just sent my work Miss, and I hope everyone has a really good summer holiday.

  4. Leyad R.

    Lazy Leyad
    Tall Timy
    Mini Musab
    Really Raging Raihaan
    Young Yousuf

  5. Rida W.

    Awesome Aleena
    Marvellous Merab
    Rapid Rahima
    Ready Rida

  6. Muhammad S.

    I will do this and have a great summer

  7. Timothy C.

    I have sent it

  8. Ellie T.

    Super Siddra
    Amazing aleena
    Rapid Roma
    Miracle mrs masters
    Delightful mrs Diaz

  9. Reece T.


  10. Reece T.

    Notty Noah
    Shocked Sheima
    Shattered Shabaz
    Hatty Harris
    Top Timothy
    Dotty Diaz
    Marvellous Masters
    Skilled Siddra
    joking Jacob
    Rapid Rasan
    jacking James
    Ready Roma
    muddy Musab
    ellegant esra
    Rapturous rayyan

    1. Muhammad S.

      Can’t I be Raging Rayyan?

      1. Reece T.

        No you can’t

    2. Reece T.

      Resilient Reece

  11. Ellie T.

    l have sent my video

  12. Elyas S.

    I have sent my work and have a really good summer holiday everyone.

  13. Aleena M.

    Resilient Rida
    Moony Merab
    Rapid Rahima
    Awsome Aleena

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