8 thoughts on “5Red reading group

  1. 1.Sheep went missing and the police wanted to know why.
    2.The police catch the wolf so the sheep will be safe.
    3.Mr. wolf has refused to speak to the reporters.
    4.The author wants to tell us what happened.

  2. 1.so they can see who was taking the sheep.
    2.The wolf will go to a high security prison and the sheep will be safe.
    3.He is evil, cruel, horrible, nasty and viscous.
    4.so people know what is going on.

    • Well done James. I am very pleased with your reading and the answers. Make sure you are reading every day too. Remember to use capital letters and full stops.

  3. 1.so the wolf can’t get in or out without being seen
    2.i think the wolf will escape again and take/steal the sheep again.
    3.he is evil viscous cruel nasty thief and a horrible wolf who steal sheep for some reason
    4.so people know what the story is about and what has happened

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