5red Tuesday Health week

Skateboarding –

We had a fantastic opportunity to learn how to Skateboard. It was so much fun. Have a look at our amazing photos and video.

Be Healthy

We looked at what effects poor diet and unhealthy eating would cause. We created our own meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.


We are answering a BIG question in science this week. How can we stay fir and healthy as we get older. So today we looked at the different stages of a human life cycle which we had been doing with animals in our science topic.

Rock Kids

We had so much fun in Rock kids this afternoon. We learnt …….. Take a look at our photos.

Which was your best lesson today and why?


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  1. My favorite lesson was skateboarding because even though I fell twice I showed resilience by getting up and trying again until at last, I was very good when I was riding the skateboard. But it was very fun.

  2. My favourite lesson was skateboarding because it was so much fun and I learnt something good which was great now I really want to learn everyday

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