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  1. First we were inspired by the awesome artist Michelangelo. We tried to create the hands touching in the picture the creation of Adam ( this was really fun!!! )

    The next artist were the two people Noble and Webster who design 3D models. Here are a two of artworks that they have done ;
    Sunset Marina and African head. We tried to make a picture similar to the artwork Sunset Marina.

    When we created the 3D design similar to Sunset Marina it turned out that if we put all of the designs together and shone the light on it it would create a HUGE city!!!


  2. First we were inspired by a well known artist who lived in Florence, Arezzo and Bologna called Michelangelo.The piece of art we created was called Creation of Adam (close up).This piece of art was created on a ceiling in Italy.This type of art is past art.

    Our next piece of artwork we created was inspired by the two brilliant artists Noble and Webster.The artwork that we got inspired by first was called ‘African head’ which was made out out of barbed wire.Our own wire sculptures turned out well even though they didn’t go to plan.

    Our next piece of artwork we created was also inspired by Noble and Webster.The artwork we got inspired by was based around the New York Skyline and it was created with junk and recycled materials and when the light hit it a shadow was created which looked like the New York Skyline.All of us worked hard to create what we wanted but all of our pieces of artwork didn’t quite go to plan.At the end we combined all our pieces of art to create a big city.Our finished city looked amazing but it could’ve been better by putting all of the torches in the same place to avoid getting more than one shadow.This is modern art.

    I really liked art week and all the different tasks we completed.My favourite part of the week was making our junk sculptures.This week was very memorable for me.

  3. First we were inspired by a very famous artist, Michelangelo.The art work we recreated is called The Creation of Adam, painted by Michelangelo.
    Next we looked at two outstanding artists, Noble and Webster.We created wire sculptures also we made templates.Then put recycled junk and the shadows.They were amazing!The sculptures were all combined together which created one city.

  4. Firstly we were inspired by the well known artist Michaelangelo.The painting we were recreating was the Creation of Adam (close up).Also the Creation of Adam was painted on the ceiling of the Sistine chapel in Italy.Next we were inspired by the incredible artists Noble and Webster.We all tried are best creating both the shadows out of junk and the wired sculptures and they turned out amazing.The finished shadows looked awesome because we combined all of them it created a whole city.This week was unbelievable!It couldn’t be any better.It has been a great start to year 5.Thankyou!

  5. For our pieces of work, we were inspired by the famous artists, Michelangelo.

    The painting we were trying to recreate was called The Creation Of Adam, close up, this painting was made by Michelangelo.

    Then, we had started looking at the two brilliant artists, Noble and Webster.

    I think all of our wire sculptures were amazing, even though some didn’t go quite to plan!

    Also, the next thing we did was inspired by Noble and Webster. We all worked hard to create a shadow from just using junk!

    The finished sculpture looked amazing because when we combined all of them it looked like one great, big city!

    This week couldn’t have gone better, it was really fun and it has been a great start to year 5.

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