6 Blue 1st June 2020

Good morning 6 Blue.
I hope you have all enjoyed the gorgeous sunshine and have taken in nature’s beauty during the school break.
I haven’t said holiday as all holidays have been cancelled or put on hold to take when times are safer. However I hope you made the most of this time keeping healthy and spending time with your family.

Now starting Summer 2, some of you will be returning to school and I look forward to seeing you . For those of you who are staying at home please can I ask that you continues with your learning on the blogs and keep in touch everyday so we know you are well.
We are about to start Entrepreneur week and I am confident that you will all make great entrepreneurs. Here are a few motivational quotes to inspire you.
Have a great day 6 Blue, please comment on the blog to let us know you are well.

love from Mrs Jones and Mrs Ahmed

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