6 Blue Art Week

This week we have been exploring both past Swahili art and contemporary art by Aboudia. Below is a video showcasing all of our learning this week.


What skills have you developed?

What did you find challenging but overcame?

25 thoughts on “6 Blue Art Week

  1. I have found drawing a little bit hard.My favourite part of the draw was when we had to draw the six women.I have used some different HB pencils.I have really enjoyed art week because we had draw some different SWAHILI women’s we also learnt so many facts about ABOUDIA.We all had so much fun.

    BY ANDREEA😂😂😂😂

  2. I have used a range of medias and sketching skills to be able to draw Swahili women.Some skills I have developed are crosshatching. The thing I found most challenging was using the acrylic paint because I put too much on the paper and it looked like a big blob.

  3. The skills I developed were sketching and when you look at an artists work all of them are not the same. For example when I was doing The six woman they were very different to Aboudia’s people I realised this when Miss Ahmed said that art is not just one style there can be many different types of art, like :
    . Sceneries
    . Portraits
    . Messy art
    . Neat art
    Something I found hard was the present artist when I tried to draw the people I ended up with my type of art neat and pretty. But what I needed was not perfect but not too messy.

  4. The skills that I have learnt this week are shading skills and blending skills. What i found challenging was to Draw out the drawing because I did not like sketching but now I don’t dis like drawing as much.

  5. I found drawing the six Swahili women tricky because I was not really good at drawing but when I had some support I was really good at it.

  6. 1)What skills have you developed?
    I have developed many skills including cross-hatching , light sketching / dark sketching and good-looking drawings.
    2)What did you find challenging but overcame?
    I used to not understand how to sketch properly but now I do.

  7. I have developed my art skills by improving my drawings and I have improved my range of ideas for example when we drew our Aboudia like art piece I thought about what I was going to use.

  8. I have learnt that there are many styles of art and it is possible to make scribbles into fine art. I didn’t know it before but scribble of several colours actually look decent. It was challenging to get used to this style however, I overcame it and can draw like Aboudia now.

  9. I have developed my sketching skills ,first I was really bad at sketching but now I am really good at it. I found challenging is drawing the Swahili women.

  10. I have enjoyed Art week because we have been learning about the Swahili Women and we have sketched them to . I like my Swahili Women because I have colour in brilliant.😜
    By Ilhan

  11. I have improved my sketching skills I have found challenging when I have to draw a long body I always draw tiny body but now I can draw long body.

  12. Skills that I have developed this week are sketching skills,texture of the pencils as we used different shades of pencil in art. Skills that I also learnt this week are how to blend pastels.I found drawing the Swahili women’s challenging in the beginning of the week,but at the end I realised the mistakes that I made.

  13. 1) I have developed how to use a range of sketching pencils effectively to create a variety of Swahili women.

    2) I found drawing a variety of figures inspired by Aboudias drawings but with perseverance I overcame my challenge and eventually sketch a drawing linked to Aboudias drawing.

    I shall continue commenting on this blog on the weekend as it is nearly home time.

  14. The skills that I have developed are to draw Swahili women properly and good at sketching.The thing I found challenging is when we had to draw our Swahili women with our background because that was the hardest.

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