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  1. i enjoyed david wiesner tuesday book because we got to make flying frogs and pigs and we got to learn a lot of facts about david wiesner when he was a child .

  2. I enjoyed book week because it was lots of fun and we were learning about David Wiesner and about our book Tuesday. At art we tissue papered some frogs and pigs it was so much fun
    and we did silent roleplay. Book week was lots of fun in year 6 I enjoyed it.

  3. I think David Wiesner is a awesome author i really enjoyed book week because we did lots of art work.I also loved our TUESDAY display it was really colourful.I think we did anriilliant job.Finally I really liked the David Wiesner designed his book as a kids picture book. WELL DONE 6 blue for the fantastic and brilliant work we as a class created.

  4. It sims that every one was happy about the book. You are all traying hard. I hope everyone learnt some facts about David Wiesner. Every one is awsome

  5. I really enjoyed book week ! My highlight of the week was when we got to illustrate our own book,did some work for display, painted some frogs and also got to do some drama.The book which we read was called Tuesday,which was illustrated by David Wiesner.I found out that David Wiesner (illustrater) was called “the kid who could draw” in school which inspired him to create picture books.I think that it was very interesting to find out about David Wiesner and his books and I think that this week was very fun.
    I would like to say a big thank you to my teachers for planning such a great day for us (6Blue)and have tried soo hard for the display, and it looks amazing.

  6. Book week is one of my favorite project week and the most my most favorite part of it must have been creating my own story book despite my average drawing skills I was able to create a quite good story book also my imagination was part of the team because without it I woulden’t think of such good ideas that match up together.

  7. I really enjoyed book week as we got to explore the picture Book Tuesday. My favourite part of the week was when we got to create our own picture books I Enjoyed this because we could use our imagination and creativity to create a masterpiece. The illustrator (David Wiesner) Explored his passion of visual storytelling while at university he then began to create picture books.

  8. I learnt that that David Wiesner was know as the kid that could draw at school. Being in year 6 is fun Mrs Edwards and miss Ahmed are fun teachers as well

  9. I really enjoyed book week because we got to make our own illustrated book.We also made a fact file about the illustrator ( David Wiesner)and I found out at school he was know as the kid who could draw.So when he was older he decided to draw picture books.He is know as the best loved picture book illustrator.

  10. I had a great book week as I liked learning about David Wiesner and his book Tuesday. David Wiesner has won three Caldecott medals and three Caldecott honours. He writes picture books including some that tell stories without words. He has written many books including, Flotsam, The Three Pigs, Mr Wuffles, Fish Girl and Sector 7. The audience for his books are children. When David Wiesner was a kid he was well known as “the kid who could draw”.

  11. Great photos but would have loved to hear about the experiences from the children. This year will be even better than last, can’t wait to see you grow and gain.

  12. David wiesner learnt to tell stories because when he was little he look at picture books and now he has grown and can write stories and people like them he writes it for year six and other stages of people in years.

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